Coatings & Linings

Safe and Sustainable: Scaturro Secures Legacy at Alpine, AMPP

Sam Scaturro, president of Alpine Painting & Sandblasting Contractors, recently joined AMPP’s podcast series to reflect on his leadership journey within the company and the association. Topics include Alpine’s emphasis on safe and sustainable practices, as well as updated strategies for workforce development and communication with clients.

Revisiting Assumptions about Primers in Immersion Service

As part of a recently published white paper, experts at Induron reproduced the expected service life of coatings for potable water linings while combining that knowledge with an interpretation of the total applied costs of these systems.

Fusion Bond Epoxy Coating Testing for Gas Pipelines

A specialized testing and qualification program using 14 samples—eight for the pipe body, and six for a girth weld—was performed to qualify a fusion-bonded epoxy (FPE) coating for high-pressure gas service.

Coating Inspectors: Witness Protection

With a third-party inspector on site, clients can get material delivered correctly the first time, and thus save money in the long run. It also helps to avoid the domino effect of causing stress on the project team, the facilities, and field inspectors, if the material isn’t delivered appropriately.

How AMPP Is Stepping up Its Sustainability Push in 2024

In a panel discussion, member leaders Dawn Eden and Sandy Williamson share their insights regarding materials sustainability and the latest trends in 2024. Discussion topics include new focus areas within AMPP’s Sustainability Task Force; key takeaways and insights from the 2024 conference; and what could be on the horizon as global outreach is ramped up.

Building Bridges for AMPP’s Future Generations

Paul Vinik inspected hundreds of bridges as a structural materials engineer. Now, as AMPP’s chairman of the board, he wants to build bridges to give the next generation opportunities in the coatings and corrosion industry.

Sustainable Solutions for Wastewater Treatment in Metal Finishing

In today’s environmentally conscious world, sustainability has become a central focus across industries. However, the metal finishing sector faces unique challenges, as its processes are complex and generate significant volumes of wastewater.

Nominations Sought for 2025 MP Corrosion Innovation Awards

Selection criteria for MP’s biennial awards program include establishing the industry’s need for each innovation; explaining the process used for development and implementation; an evaluation of any testing results; and identifying criteria used to determine its success.

Never Again: An Inspection of a Water Tower

After finding a water leak from its holding tank, the owner/operator of a town water tower reached out to Total Access Solutions Co. (TASC) to request an inspection. One TASC got on site, investigators were able to deduce more information about the potential cause(s) of the premature failure.

Change Is Coming for U.S. Hazard Communications, California Lead Rules

Significant changes are expected for U.S. federal hazard communications and for lead standards in California, and industrial painters should be especially vigilant because the impacts could be dramatic, according to a leading regulatory expert.

Condition Assessment of Aging Concrete Structures: Part 1

This two-part article reviews the corrosion risk assessment, structural considerations, and engineering solutions for the steel-reinforced structural elements of an aging concrete building. This building had exhibited accelerated corrosion in corrosive environments.

Don’t Fear AI: How Artificial Intelligence Supports Our Future

Artificial intelligence (AI) will lead to a promising future for our industry and is not to be feared, renowned physicist Dr. Michio Kaku told conference attendees in New Orleans as the keynote speaker for the 2024 AMPP Annual Conference + Expo.

Bayou Buzz: 2024 Show Leaves AMPP Members Jazzed Up

From informative programs and industry workshops to widespread exhibits and networking, AMPP’s 2024 show featured updated information and research regarding materials, corrosion and coating trends, and best practices and products.

Will AI Take Your Job? Using Artificial Intelligence in Your Business

Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies can save time, make money, and improve the quality of business practices for a wide range of industry professionals. If you are not using AI and your competition is, you could be at a severe disadvantage.

Scientists Discover Self-Healing, Anti-Corrosion Polymer

Based largely on its self-healing ability under corrosion attack, scientists believe they have found an anti-corrosion polymer that “represents a promising thermoplastic alternative to the thermosetting resins commonly used for metallic corrosion protection.