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Graphene Coating Boosts Flexible and Wearable Electronics

In two new studies, researchers at the California Institute of Technology demonstrated how graphene can greatly improve electrical circuits required for wearable and flexible electronics such as smart health patches, bendable smartphones, helmets, large folding display screens, and more.

Interview: Bob Chalker on His Retirement and AMPP’s Future

Bob Chalker, CEO of AMPP and formerly NACE International, explains his decision to retire in July 2023 and outlines what the transition process will look like for the association over the coming months and years.

Paint Is Complicated: Inspector Training Opportunities

One way to ensure that you’re ready to tackle the challenges of paint is to get the right training. The Master Painters Institute (MPI), a subsidiary of AMPP, offers three training courses that may be a good place to start.

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DNV Energy Systems on Emerging Hydrogen Trends

Editor of Materials Performance Magazine, Rebecca Bickham, talks to Dr. David Norfleet, Head of the Laboratories and Testing Department at DNV Energy Systems, about emerging trends and technologies in hydrogen. Learn more at

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