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New Marine Study Breaks Materials Down, Literally

Today, a budding fleet of renewable marine energy technologies are leaving labs to go through their first river and ocean tests. But as they take these big steps toward commercial use, many are encountering an unpredictable and inhospitable environment: salt water.

Non-Skid Basics: A Contractor’s Guide for Military Applications

In a newly released webcast, Johnny M. Sanchez, president of Prime Time Coatings, Inc., provides an overview of AMPP’s upcoming book, Non-Skid Basics: A Contractor’s Guide for Military Applications. Sanchez explains the contractor’s perspective for using non-slip deck coatings—or rapid-curing, slip-resistant coating systems—for military applications.

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Remain in Compliance with the PCS Compliance Ecosystem

Due to transforming regulatory requirements, such as the PHMSA Mega Rule, navigating compliance requirements for your corrosion control program in 2023 can be challenging for pipeline operators.

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MOBILTEX CorTalk Interactive Product Guide Overview

Over 35 years of cathodic protection system monitoring innovation, over 200 major organizations across North America and around the globe, and over two hundred thousand miles of pipeline assets protected... For more information, visit

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