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Change Is Coming for U.S. Hazard Communications, California Lead Rules

Significant changes are expected for U.S. federal hazard communications and for lead standards in California, and industrial painters should be especially vigilant because the impacts could be dramatic, according to a leading regulatory expert.

Never Again: An Inspection of a Water Tower

After finding a water leak from its holding tank, the owner/operator of a town water tower reached out to Total Access Solutions Co. (TASC) to request an inspection. One TASC got on site, investigators were able to deduce more information about the potential cause(s) of the premature failure.

Corrosion Basics: Polymeric Materials

When compared with metals, polymeric materials tend to be more resistant to chloride ions and hydrochloric acid. However, polymeric materials are generally weaker and softer; less resistant to concentrated sulfuric and oxidizing acids and solvents; and subject to temperature limitations.

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Abriox Interviewed at AMPP Annual Conference + Expo 2024

Rebecca Bickham speaks with JD Galindo, Director of Sales at Abriox, to discuss Abriox's product research in the marketplace and the benefits of USync! to pipeline operators.

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ROCKWOOL Interviewed at AMPP Annual Conference + Expo 2024

Kerry Cole speaks with Osama Hamza, Innovation Director for ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation, to discuss ROCKWOOL's specialty in insulation products for the industrial industry, as well as process and marine offshore applications.

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Johns Manville Interviewed at AMPP’s 2024 Conference

Ben DuBose, News Editor for AMPP Publications, speaks with Scott Sinclair, National Specification Manager of Johns Manville, during the AMPP Annual Conference + Expo 2024 in New Orleans, Louisiana. The two discuss the products and services Johns Manville's offers.

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