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Innovative Stone-Based Insulation for Enhanced Water and Fire Protection

Water and fire. The ancient Greeks considered them two of the fundamental elements of matter; at the modern industrial plant, however, they bring unwelcome risks and challenges.

Driving Digital Adoption in Paints and Coatings

Katie Chrobak, associate director of digital adoption for PPG’s architectural coatings business, explains her industry’s challenge of creating new digital solutions, tools, and platforms while simultaneously helping end users adopt those technologies.

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The Causes of Underperforming Fired Heaters and Available Solutions

Improving fired heater performance is crucial for optimizing energy consumption, reducing emissions, and enhancing overall process performance. In large-scale process facilities, energy typically accounts for at least 50% of operating costs. An energy use reduction of 10% will often improve margins by 5% and reduce CO2 emissions by 10%.

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Integrated External Corrosion Management Project and What It's For

Materials Performance Editor-in-Chief Rebecca Bickham talks with External Corrosion Specialist Keith Parker, Enbridge LP, and CTO Tom Hayden, Engineering Director, Inc. about IECM being taken on by Enbridge. The three discuss data integration of a pipeline system and how the data is used for prediction. View their webcast here.

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