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Sustainable and Robust Closed Loop Corrosion Inhibitors

Because closed cooling loops can run with little maintenance for long periods of time, they can become a neglected part of a customer’s water treatment system. This neglect can lead to significant issues that can negatively impact heat transfer efficiency.

AMPP Redesigns CIP Level 1 Course, Certification Program

As the first step in AMPP’s flagship Coating Inspector Program (CIP), the CIP Level 1 course teaches over 5,000 students annually to properly perform basic coating inspections using nondestructive techniques and instrumentation.

AMPP Member Reflects on Champlain Towers Efforts: Part 3

In the final column of this three-part series, longtime AMPP member Byron Evetts provides his perspective on the Champlain Towers South recovery efforts and wreckage in the days after the devastating collapse.

U.K. Maritime Assets Receive Graphene-Enhanced Coatings

According to AGM, the Genable CX primer operates as a high-performance hybrid system that relies on graphene and aluminum chemistries to provide anticorrosion protection for offshore, marine, and other harsh environments.

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CSNRI on composites and how they are being underutilized

Rebecca Bickham, Editor for Materials Performance, and Cedric Oudinot, President of CSNRI, sit down to discuss how CSNRI is using composites to create a safer environment and how composite repairs are being underutilized. To learn more about CSNRI, visit 

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CHLOR*RID Products at AMPP Annual Conference and Expo

Ben Dubose, Staff Writer for AMPP Publications, joins Matt Valentine of Milliken in their booth at AMPP Annual Conference and Expo to discuss CHLOR*RID’s products and their benefits. To learn more about the CHLOR*RID products, visit  

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