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New Remote Monitoring Unit is a Global Game-Changer

The objective of the system are to revolutionize the U.S. remote monitoring industry by addressing many existing shortcomings and creating a new standard of cathodic protection RMU, which can deliver superior data more frequently and at a lower cost.

AMPP News: New and Revised Industry Standards

The latest standard practices, which are available now in the AMPP Store, were released in 2021. Topics include corrosion inhibition selection and management for oil and gas production, as well as a standard guide for the laboratory immersion corrosion testing of metals.

Webcast: Optimizing Cathodic Protection in Urban Utility Environments

This webcast explores how downstream gas distribution and water utilities are setting out on a journey to optimize their cathodic protection (CP) assets in high-consequence areas (HCAs) due to proximity to residential areas.

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