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Our February 2021 issue explores the effects of corrosion on the environment. In this video, MP Editor Rebecca Bickham introduces a few of this month's highlights.

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Materials Performance Editor, Rebecca Bickham talks with Tim Hurley, Senior Product Manager at GPT Industries about their new isolation gasket, Evolution, and its groundbreaking design.

Materials Performance Editor, Rebecca Bickham talks with David Adamski of Rockwool Technical Insulation about the causes and effects of Corrosion Under Insulation. David offers insight and solutions for plant owners.

Materials Performance Editor, Rebecca Bickham talks with Dr. Stephen Ricci, Chief Technology Officer at 10X Engineered Materials about their new breakthrough class of abrasives - Superoxalloy. To learn more about what this means to the industry watch the webcast: New Category of Blast Abrasives

Our ability to extend the life of industrial equipment provides our customers with a great opportunity to protect their existing boilers and refinery vessels and avoid costly replacement without sacrificing long-term reliability.

Throughout NACE International's history, the support of corrosion control companies worldwide has been essential to the development of our association. In celebration of the association's 75th anniversary, we invited sponsors of the special anniversary issue of Materials Performance (September 2018) to introduce themselves. Thank you for helping NACE celebrate 75 years!