In this exclusive series, Materials Performance (MP) Editor Rebecca A. Bickham and News Editor Ben DuBose interview a wide range of corrosion experts to bring you the latest news and information on key technologies and industry trends. Episodes on this page are from July 2021 and newer. Archived episodes from earlier dates are available here.

AMPP’s Malaysia Chapter Hosts First Painters Competition

Organized by the AMPP Malaysia Chapter, the inaugural Malaysia Painters Competition 2023 was held in Teluk Kalung, Terengganu, Malaysia, on Saturday, August 19. 

With free registration, the event featured networking; opportunities to learn painting skills from peers; and sourcing for products, services, and the latest in cutting-edge technologies. 

The event’s primary objective was to showcase the skills Malaysian surface preparation and industrial painting craftworkers, and it ultimately brought out a crowd of nearly 100 people to witness some of Malaysia's finest industrial painters. Details on the competition winners can be read here

The contest took place with support from official Paint Sponsor, Hempel, as well as esteemed partners including PETRONAS; the Malaysian Oil, Gas and Energy Services Council (MOGSC), The Institution of Engineers, Malaysia (IEM); and AMPP. 

Aaron Williams, Managing Director of Blast Abrasives Supply as well as an AMPP Certified Coatings Inspector and a member of the AMPP Global Center Board of Directors, played a key role in putting the event together. In this podcast, Williams shares key highlights and lessons learned from the event; insight on how it aims to address broader industry trends and marketplace needs; and plans for the future.

For more information, visit AMPP’s EAPA News Blog.

Why Welding Quality Matters to AMPP Members and Beyond

Jason Becker, a highly experienced welder/fabricator with 25 years of hands-on experience in the welding industry, joins our podcast to discuss why welding quality matters to AMPP members. 

Under the American Welding Society (AWS), Becker is a Certified Welding Inspector, Certified Welding Educator, and Certified Welder Performance Qualifier. He currently works as a full-time welding consultant and is dedicated to educating the next generation of welders through his own podcast, called Arc Junkies.

Discussion topics on this episode include tips to understand weld quality; common welding processes, materials, and inspection techniques; important codes and standards; how to prevent common welding defects; and why workforce development in skilled trades could hold the key to the industry’s future.

Production Chemicals Optimization on DELFI

Michael Van Spankeren, digital solutions manager for SLB’s production chemistry business, joins the Materials Performance (MP) Interview Series to discuss his company’s award-winning innovation, “Production Chemicals Optimization on DELFI.” The system was recently honored as a winner of MP’s 2023 Corrosion Innovation of the Year Awards.

Topics discussed on the podcast include the origins and future of the innovation; feedback from users and clients on its performance to date in field situations; future demands and market trends in corrosion control software; and more.

Source: SLB, www.slb.com.

Topical Compliance Strategies for Pipeline Operators

In 2023, PHMSA’s Mega Rule is once again at the forefront of the list when it comes to topical compliance issues for pipeline operators. 

In this sponsored episode of the Materials Performance (MP) Interview Series, Polly Stewart of Abriox—which specializes in remote monitoring and control for pipelines—shares useful background information on what the Mega Rule entails; potential consequences for companies and individuals; and how industry companies can future-proof their compliance as part of a corrosion management plan.

Source: Abriox, www.abriox.com.

Training and Utilizing Multi-Certified Inspectors: Best Practices, Lessons Learned

Andy Shingledecker, area manager for Campos EPC and chair of the CEPC Exhibits and Sponsorship Task Force, shares insight on the importance of utilizing inspectors with multiple certifications. Known as multi-certified inspectors, they can be successfully utilized on many inspection processes within the corrosion control and protective coatings industry.   

Topics on AMPP’s latest podcast include common challenges or obstacles faced by individuals who are not multi-certified inspectors; strategies to maximize the project contributions of multi-certified inspectors; case studies and lessons learned from utilizing multi-certified inspectors to yield significant benefits; and advice to those in the industry who are currently pursuing or considering the pursuit of multiple certifications.

Sources: AMPP, www.ampp.org; Campos EPC, www.camposepc.com.

Cathodic Protection Trends and Challenges in 2023

This sponsored episode featuring Ian Kinnear, product manager at GPT Industries, addresses various challenges facing corrosion professionals in 2023 and beyond. In particular, the podcast explores cathodic protection (CP) trends and challenges for the oil and gas, water, and emerging energy industries. 

GPT is a manufacturer of isolation kits, gaskets, and isolation joints to mitigate corrosion and enhance CP methods. The company's products serve two major functions: to seal and to stop electrical current. 

Source: GPT Industries, www.gptindustries.com

How Advanced Microbial Monitoring Can Quantify Corrosion Risks

As a winner in the 2023 MP Corrosion Innovation of the Year Awards, the GeneCount Voyager is a deployable, 16-well qPCR thermal cycler instrument that LuminUltra has paired with a portfolio of GeneCount qkits for sample preservation, DNA purification, and and qPCR assaying of microbial targets associated with microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC). Quantifying MIC-associated microorganisms can give insight into a system’s corrosion risk and the efficacy of its management programs.

In this podcast interview, Dr. Jordan Schmidt — senior director of technology and innovation at LuminUltra — explains the evolution of their winning innovation and where it stands today. Other topics include his perspective on market trends and demands; feedback by end users and clients; and an outlook for the future.

For more information, visit www.luminultra.com.

Meet New MP Editor Kerry Cole

With decades of writing and editing experience, Kerry Cole was recently hired by AMPP as Editor of Materials Performance (MP) magazine. In this interview, Cole chats with Ben DuBose, AMPP’s News Editor, about his new role. Topics include Cole’s career background in journalism and the transition to covering corrosion and coatings; how his previous experience with associations may help; first impressions on the job; hobbies and personal interests; and much more.

Source: MP, www.materialsperformance.com

Alan Thomas Takes Reins as AMPP’s New CEO

As of April 2023, Alan Thomas is officially CEO of the Association for Materials Protection and Performance (AMPP), replacing Bob Chalker. 

In this exclusive chat with Ben DuBose, AMPP’s News Editor, Thomas discusses his past career experience and the process leading to his appointment. Other topics include insight on Thomas’ initial priorities as CEO; key takeaways from the recent AMPP Annual Conference + Expo; background on his leadership style and personality; and much more.

Source: AMPP, www.ampp.org.

World Traveler: Phil Fouche Educates Generations of Coatings Professionals

Phil Fouche is the owner and president of oilfield equipment supplier Quatro Products dba REXCO in Odessa, Texas. Now 74 years old, he has been a member of NACE International and now the Association for Materials Protection and Performance (AMPP) since 1991. 

During those years, Fouche has been active on numerous association boards and committees, including a spot on the NACE/AMPP Coating Inspector Program (CIP) Subcommittee for more than a decade. On the business side, Fouche sold heavy-duty coatings until the sale of his paint stores in 2016. 

Today, Fouche holds an AMPP Senior Certified Coatings Inspector credential and continues to travel the world as a CIP Instructor to help educate the next generation of coatings professionals across numerous countries and continents. 

Over his distinguished career as an educator, Fouche has led that mission—often by teaching the first CIP classes—in locations such as Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Dubai, Ecuador, Egypt, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Mexico, the Philippines, Qatar, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago, Venezuela, Vietnam, and of course, all over the United States. During that time, Fouche advocated for Spanish and Chinese translations of many course materials and played a key role in that transition. 

As part of our “member profile” series, Fouche recently spoke with us regarding his extensive time in the corrosion control and protective coatings industries, along with some highlights and lessons learned from his decades spent as an education instructor.

Tune in! For more information on the program, visit AMPP’s CIP web page.

Carboline’s Jeremy Sukola on Water, Wastewater and Beyond

Jeremy Sukola, water and wastewater market manager at coatings, linings, and fireproofing manufacturer Carboline, joins our podcast to discuss key industry trends, feedback from the marketplace, and much more. 

Discussion topics include lessons learned over Sukola’s distinguished career; education initiatives, technical development, and other resources available from Carboline to address market needs; advice for the next generation of coatings professionals; and how Sukola’s work as a NACE/AMPP education instructor has proven beneficial on many levels.

Source: Carboline, www.carboline.com.

How AMPP Is Gearing Up for Its 2023 Flagship Event

The 2023 AMPP Annual Conference + Expo will be held next March in Denver, Colorado, and the Association for Materials Protection and Performance (AMPP) is actively gearing up for its annual flagship event for the corrosion control and protective coatings industries.

Greg Muha, director of conferences, exhibits, and sponsorships, tells us about what to expect in Denver and why there will be some noteworthy changes from previous years.

Source: AMPP Annual Conference + Expo, ace.ampp.org.

Utilizing Machine Learning for External Corrosion Management

Image courtesy of Tom Hayden, EDI.In a collaborative discussion, Joe Mazzella and Tom Hayden of Engineering Director, Inc. (EDI) join Enbridge’s Keith Parker to discuss the group’s engineered, integrated approach to external corrosion management (IECM).

Topics explored on the IECM-themed podcast include the roles of machine learning, data governance, and the importance of building an observable system. More information on their work is available in August and September 2022 technical articles of Materials Performance (MP) Magazine, and the panelists are delivering a symposium on the topic on March 22, 2023 at the AMPP Annual Conference + Expo in Denver, Colorado, USA.

Sources: Enbridge, www.enbridge.com; EDI, www.engineeringdirector.com.

Protective Coatings for Industrial Infrastructure

Traditional high-performance coatings provide a strong cohesive film. But at times, this can unintentionally contribute to the undercutting effects of corrosion, leading to failures that could lead to a full rehabilitation or replacement.

In response, Induron Protective Coatings has developed a unique line of ceramic epoxies that are formulated to provide strong corrosion protection through high film build, low permeability, and self-healing properties. These coatings are used on potable water tanks; water and wastewater treatment plants; power transmission towers; and as a lining for ductile iron sewer pipes.

Davies Hood, president of Induron, joins our Materials Performance (MP) Interview Series to explain more about the company’s technologies and its keys to success.

Source: Induron, www.induron.com.

Internal Monitoring Solutions for Integrity Management

Roland Anderson, business development director at monitoring solutions company Axess Corrosion, explains how the group’s patented Janus range works to reduce risk.

With integrated alarm systems available to measure process corrosion, erosion, wall thickness, and more, Anderson elaborates on feedback from the field; trends in the marketplace; unique needs for oil and gas clients; and much more.

Source: Axess Corrosion, www.axess-corrosion.com.