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AMPP Introduces Industrial Coating Application Training

Dave Evans, director of business development at AMPP, explains the origins of the new Industrial Coating Application (ICA) program and what it could mean for the industry moving forward. The program is designed as a flexible and comprehensive solution for training industrial sprayers and abrasive blasters.

NETL Develops Self-Healing Cold Spray Coating for Pipelines

Researchers at the U.S. National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) have developed a self-healing cold spray coating, which they believe can provide corrosion protection against the interior of natural gas, hydrogen, and carbon dioxide (CO2) pipelines.

Non-Skid Basics: A Contractor’s Guide for Military Applications

In a newly released webcast, Johnny M. Sanchez, president of Prime Time Coatings, Inc., provides an overview of AMPP’s upcoming book, Non-Skid Basics: A Contractor’s Guide for Military Applications. Sanchez explains the contractor’s perspective for using non-slip deck coatings—or rapid-curing, slip-resistant coating systems—for military applications.

U.S. Military Maintenance Team Restores Navy Helicopters

At the Warner Robins Air Logistics Complex, the maintenance team of the advanced metal finishing facility uses a novel system for corrosion prevention, wear protection, etching, cleaning, and chemical milling in preparation for paint and other follow-on manufacturing processes.

Major Coatings Company Invests in Automated Drone Inspection

High-performance paints and coatings manufacturer AkzoNobel is investing in French company Donecle, which specializes in automated drone inspections. The partnership has contributed to the development of a digital, data-driven predictive maintenance service for airline fleets.

How Sustainability Will Play a Key Role in AMPP’s Future

In a panel discussion, veteran AMPP members Cal Chapman (Chapman Engineering) and Sandy Williamson (Williamson Integrity Services) joined Materials Performance (MP) Magazine Editor Kerry Cole to explain what sustainability means to them and why it is critically important to our industry.

Corrosion Prevention in the Cruise Ship Industry

While the battle against corrosion in maritime settings is largely similar, cruise ships do pose some extra challenges. Outfittings such as swimming pools and even lifeboats need to be treated, as even the aesthetics of rust and wear will have an impact on the impression the boat’s condition makes on passengers.

Amato Painting Builds Its Brand in Awards and Beyond

Ryan Amato, owner of Easton, Pennsylvania-based Amato Painting and Lehigh Valley Epoxy Floors, explains why creative branding, diligent communication, and a reliable workforce are among the company’s keys to success.

NIST Updates Investigation of Champlain Towers Collapse

In a recent National Construction Safety Team (NCST) Advisory Committee meeting, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) investigators shared details of their investigation into the partial collapse of the Champlain Towers South building in Surfside, Florida, USA.

Can Cold Spray Coatings Protect Steel from Corrosive Chlorides?

To protect steel surfaces from corrosive forces, researchers at Sandia National Laboratories tested several nickel and nickel-based alloy cold spray coatings to determine their ability to offer corrosion protection for 304L stainless steel in chloride-rich environments.

Flexible Approach Restores Texas Water Pump Station

When Corrosion Control Resources, Inc. refurbished a water pump station near Dallas, they initially expected to hand blast with coal slag before applying new coatings. However, they changed course after unexpectedly finding the pipe to be lined with coal tar enamel.

How Stress Corrosion Cracking Led to Arizona Pipeline Blast

U.S. National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) investigators believe a deadly natural-gas pipeline explosion in rural Arizona resulted from gaps in protective tape wrapping. This led to water leakage and corrosion and cracks along a seam weld.

Prevention Reduces Corrosion Costs in Power Industry

Elevated temperatures, harsh environments, and abrasive materials make corrosion costly to the power-generating industry. Fortunately, utilities can save on these costs by making appropriate choices in materials and coatings while monitoring conditions.

Driving Digital Adoption in Paints and Coatings

Katie Chrobak, associate director of digital adoption for PPG’s architectural coatings business, explains her industry’s challenge of creating new digital solutions, tools, and platforms while simultaneously helping end users adopt those technologies.

Interview: How Coatings Inspection Needs Are Evolving

Michael Beamish, vice president and general manager at DeFelsko Corp., shares feedback he’s heard from coatings inspectors about their challenges in the field. In 2023, many of these needs revolve around increasing speed and reporting efficiency.