2024 Honoree Night Celebrates AMPP’s Annual Awards

While at the World War II Museum in New Orleans, this year’s honorees and guests enjoyed a relaxing evening of networking, heavy hors d’oeuvres, and entertainment. Photo courtesy of AMPP.

The Association for Materials Protection and Performance (AMPP), known as the global authority in materials protection and performance, recently announced the recipients of its 2024 service, technical, and project awards.

While at the 2024 AMPP Annual Conference + Expo, these awards were presented and celebrated at Honoree Night, held at the World War II Museum in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. Honoree Night took place on the heels of after AMPP’s EMERGing Leaders Bash, which celebrated this year’s student scholarship and award recipients.

At Honoree Night, each prestigious award serves as a testament to the exceptional achievements and groundbreaking contributions being made in materials protection and performance.

“The AMPP Annual Conference + Expo is a convergence of unparalleled expertise and innovation in our industries,” says Rebecca Griebe, senior director of user experience at AMPP.

“Our annual awards stand as a tribute to exceptional individuals whose contributions are reshaping the landscape of our field,” Griebe adds. “This year’s honorees have showcased excellence in research, teaching, technical practice, and volunteerism, making substantial strides in advancing corrosion control and materials performance.”

With that in mind, Honoree Night provides a platform to acknowledge the exemplary achievements of these outstanding individuals. The awards ceremony aims to inspire professionals in the field and foster an environment of collaboration and mentorship.

For 2024, service and technical award winners included the following:

Willis Whitney Technical Achievement Award

Russell Brannon & John Keane Signature Award

  • Teresa Estela Perez

Joyce Wright Industry Impact Award

  • Zineb Belarbi

Educator Award

  • Recipient in honor of Herbert Uhlig: Rajeev Gupta
  • Recipient in honor of Richard Drisko: Martin Alejandro Rodriguez

Publications Awards

  • Nicholas Laycock, Mehrooz Zamanzadeh, Federico Bertasi

Fellow Honor

  • Hisashi Amaya, Torben Lund Skovhus, Ardjan Kopliku, Jason S. Lee, Dawei Zhang, Alyn Jenkins, Tao Chen, Toleti Subba Rao, Kamlesh Chandra, Gregory R. Ruschau, Mark Yunovich, Francois Ayello

Early Career Excellence Award

  • Lindsey M Blohm, Thu Tran Addis

Elaine Bowman Distinguished Service Award

  • Yousef Khuraibut, Nurul Asni Mohamed, Jordan Groody, Laszlo Forgo, Brett John Johnson, David Enos

Oladis Troconis de Rincón Field Applied Technology Award

  • Kurt Lawson, Gustavo Adolfo Romero Urdaneta, Mark Yunovich

Distinguished Organization Award

  • Research & Analytical Services Department, Saudi Aramco

Photo courtesy of AMPP.

Project award winners were also honored as part of AMPP’s 2024 program. These winners include the following:

Yellow Line Tunnel and Bridge Rehabilitation: Washington, DC, USA

  • Structure Owner: Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority
  • Contractor: Kiewit Infrastructure Co.
  • Applicator: Blastech Enterprises, Inc.
  • Coating material supplier: Sherwin-Williams 
  • Excellence in Coating Craftsmanship: Project in honor of E. Crone Knoy and Charles Munger

Etiwanda Pipeline: Fontana and Rancho Cucamonga, California

  • Structure owner: Metropolitan Water District of Southern California 
  • Contractor: F. D. Thomas 
  • Coating material supplier: Carboline 
  • Excellence in Management of a Complex Materials Protection: Project in honor of George Campbell

Sunoco LP Tank 32001: Linden, New Jersey, USA

  • Structure owner: Sunoco LP 
  • Contractor: Dave Cushman
  • Coating material supplier: Carboline Company
  • Excellence in Technical Support of Materials Protection Systems

Hoyer Tanks Chemical Linings Project: Nantong, Jiangsu Province, China

  • Contractor/applicator: Nantong Fuchen Tank Co., Ltd 
  • Coating material supplier: Advanced Polymer Coatings
  • Outstanding Achievement in Coatings Work in a Fixed Shop: Project in honor of Eric Kline

Robotically Coating of a Mock Tanker Car: Alberta, Canada

  • Applicator: Confined Space Robotics Inc. 
  • Coating material supplier: AkzoNobel Canada
  • Outstanding Engineering in the Area of Materials Protection or Remediation

Ellensburg Water Tower: Spokane, WA, USA

  • Structure owner: City of Ellensburg
  • Contractor/applicator: Marlin Peterson 
  • Coating material supplier: Sherwin-Williams
  • Recognition of Excellence in Aesthetic Merit in a Coatings Project: Project in honor of William Johnson

While at the World War II Museum on Wednesday, March 6, this year’s honorees and guests enjoyed a relaxing evening of networking, heavy hors d’oeuvres, and entertainment.

Each year, tickets are made available through AMPP’s conference registration as an add-on purchase.

Source: AMPP Annual Conference + Expo, ace.ampp.org.

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