Recent News

Mule-Hide Promotes New West Region Director

7/3/2023 6:00 AM

Mule-Hide Products announced the promotion of Derek Govan (pictured) to West Region director. Photo courtesy of Mule-Hide Products.

Engineering Resins Manufacturer Expands Rochester-Based Compounding Facility

6/30/2023 6:00 AM

Twin screw extruder at Polymer Resources’ compounding facility in Rochester, NY. Photo courtesy of Polymer Resources.

Farwest Corrosion Control Celebrates 67 Years of Operations

6/29/2023 6:00 AM

UVA-Led Study Makes New Breakthrough in Associative Polymers Research

6/28/2023 6:00 AM

This illustration accompanying the Ci team’s paper in Physical Review Letters is a 3D rendering illustrating two monomers forming a reversible double-hydrogen bond that slows down polymer movement without creating an elastic network. Image courtesy of University of Virginia.

AMPP Applauds Bipartisan Congressional Support of Bridge Corrosion Act

6/26/2023 6:00 AM

AMPP Recognizes International Women in Engineering Day

6/23/2023 6:00 AM

ORNL Scientists Develop Superlubricity Coating that Reduces Friction

6/22/2023 6:00 AM

Jun Qu of ORNL shows stainless-steel disks before (silver) and after (black) coating with carbon nanotubes that provide superlubricity. Photo courtesy of Carlos Jones/ORNL, U.S. Dept. of Energy.

Research Lab Explores Connection Between Humidity and Corrosion

6/21/2023 6:00 AM

Metal oxides exposed to air form a nanoscale water film over the surface whose thickness depends on relative humidity. All-atom molecular dynamics simulations predict that dissolved aluminum ions inside the film will localize near the water’s surface, where they diffuse much more quickly than they do closer to the oxide. Lowering humidity increases confinement with the thin film, slowing the rate of atmospheric corrosion. Image courtesy of Lawrence Livermore National Library.

3t Energy Group Appoints Senior Solutions Manager

6/20/2023 6:00 AM

Dominic Zanre, senior solutions manager. Photo courtesy of 3T Energy Group.

Nomination Period Opens for Tnemec’s 2023 Tank of the Year Contest

6/19/2023 6:00 AM

Sherwin-Williams Announces 2022 Water, Wastewater Impact Awards

6/16/2023 6:00 AM

Photo courtesy of Sherwin-Williams.

ChemQuest Appoints Garnier for Director Role

6/15/2023 6:00 AM

Sandrine Garnier, Ph.D., joins ChemQuest as a director. Image courtesy of The ChemQuest Group.

Manchester Scientists Develop “Cosmic Concrete” for Extraterrestrial Environments

6/14/2023 6:00 AM

A chunk of StarCrete held by lead researcher Aled Roberts. Photo courtesy of The University of Manchester.

American Chemistry Council Honors Covestro for Sustainability Leadership

6/13/2023 6:00 AM

The Covestro THINC-30 program, which launched in 2017, was recently recognized by the American Chemistry Council for a Sustainability Leadership Award for social responsibility and community engagement. Photo courtesy of Covestro.

Cortec Releases Molybdate-Free Version of Cooling Water Treatment

6/12/2023 6:00 AM