Tnemec Elevates Coatings Education by Appointing New CIP Instructor

Tnemec Company, Inc. (Kansas City, Missouri, USA) recently appointed Glenn Hauser as a new instructor for the AMPP Coatings Inspector Program (CIP). 

Leveraging his extensive experience and expertise as a senior project manager at Tnemec, Hauser plans to engage and empower students with advanced knowledge in corrosion prevention and protective coatings application.

With an understanding of corrosion mechanisms and mitigation strategies, Hauser will guide students through a course covering proper surface preparation and how to reduce corrosion with protective coatings. From the fundamentals of corrosion on steel to advanced cathodic protection techniques, the program equips participants with the skills needed to identify, prevent, and remediate corrosion issues effectively.

The training sessions co-led by Hauser and other AMPP instructors will delve into various surface preparation methods—including solvent cleaning, abrasive blasting, and water-jetting—to ensure that students are proficient in preparing substrates for any coating application. Moreover, the program addresses many critical aspects of quality control while emphasizing the recognition of design and fabrication flaws, as well as coating failure modes.

“Education is key to combating corrosion and ensuring the longevity of industrial assets,” Hauser says. “Through this program, we aim to arm professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to tackle corrosion challenges head-on and leverage high-performance coatings to the best of their abilities.”

In addition to these classes, participants engage in hands-on exercises covering air spray and airless spray application techniques. These enable them to apply classroom concepts in real-world scenarios.

Furthermore, the program covers a diverse range of coating types, curing mechanisms, and non- destructive inspection procedures, which ensure that students are well-versed in the latest industry practices.

Hauser brings a wealth of knowledge and industry insights to his role, which can further enrich the learning experience for program participants.

“I am thrilled to be part of AMPP’s commitment to excellence in coatings education,” Hauser says. “Together, we will empower professionals to make informed decisions and uphold the highest standards of quality in industrial coatings.”

Hauser’s plan includes teaching four classes, with two sessions scheduled in the spring and two in the fall. The classes will cover both CIP 1 and CIP 2, offering participants a comprehensive learning experience tailored to their career advancement needs.

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