Bureau of Labor Statistics Lists AMPP in Occupational Outlook Handbook

The Association of Materials Protection and Performance (AMPP), the global authority in materials protection and performance, is now listed as a resource on the Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH) website by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

This recognition underscores AMPP’s pivotal role in providing essential information and setting standards in the painting and coating sector.

As a trusted resource by the U.S. Department of Labor, the OOH offers comprehensive information on hundreds of occupations, including the nature of work, working conditions, necessary training and education, earnings, and job outlook. The latest edition highlights AMPP as a go-to source for information on careers in corrosion control and protective coatings for painting and coating workers.

“Being recognized by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the Occupational Outlook Handbook is not just an honor; it is a testament to the essential role AMPP plays in shaping skilled professionals in the materials protection and performance industry,” says Alan Thomas, CEO of AMPP. “Our inclusion on this prestigious website reflects our commitment to advancing the industry and providing our members with the resources and support necessary to excel in their careers.”

This OOH listing serves as a valuable acknowledgment of AMPP’s contributions to the industry, particularly in education and professional development. It is a resource that potential and current members and industry professionals can rely on for authoritative information and guidance.

For more information on courses for craftworkers, specifically about the OOH landing page that AMPP is listed on, visit:

Also, please visit www.ampp.org for additional AMPP resources and initiatives or to explore career opportunities and training in materials protection and performance.