Utilizing Machine Learning for External Corrosion Management

Image courtesy of Tom Hayden, EDI.In a collaborative discussion, Joe Mazzella and Tom Hayden of Engineering Director, Inc. (EDI) join Enbridge’s Keith Parker to discuss the group’s engineered, integrated approach to external corrosion management (IECM).

Topics explored on the IECM-themed podcast include the roles of machine learning, data governance, and the importance of building an observable system. More information on their work is available in August and September 2022 technical articles of Materials Performance (MP) Magazine, and the panelists are delivering a symposium on the topic on March 22, 2023 at the AMPP Annual Conference + Expo in Denver, Colorado, USA.

Sources: Enbridge, www.enbridge.com; EDI, www.engineeringdirector.com.