AMPP’s Malaysia Chapter Hosts First Painters Competition

Organized by the AMPP Malaysia Chapter, the inaugural Malaysia Painters Competition 2023 was held in Teluk Kalung, Terengganu, Malaysia, on Saturday, August 19. 

With free registration, the event featured networking; opportunities to learn painting skills from peers; and sourcing for products, services, and the latest in cutting-edge technologies. 

The event’s primary objective was to showcase the skills Malaysian surface preparation and industrial painting craftworkers, and it ultimately brought out a crowd of nearly 100 people to witness some of Malaysia's finest industrial painters. Details on the competition winners can be read here

The contest took place with support from official Paint Sponsor, Hempel, as well as esteemed partners including PETRONAS; the Malaysian Oil, Gas and Energy Services Council (MOGSC), The Institution of Engineers, Malaysia (IEM); and AMPP. 

Aaron Williams, Managing Director of Blast Abrasives Supply as well as an AMPP Certified Coatings Inspector and a member of the AMPP Global Center Board of Directors, played a key role in putting the event together. In this podcast, Williams shares key highlights and lessons learned from the event; insight on how it aims to address broader industry trends and marketplace needs; and plans for the future.

For more information, visit AMPP’s EAPA News Blog.