Industrial Inspection Services Companies Announce Merger

A transformative merger was formed in the industrial inspection services sector with the formation of Allco Solutions, LLC (Broussard, Louisiana, USA), a new company resulting from the integration of energy service company GIR Solutions, its branch company GIR Mechanical Integrity, and consulting firm CCI Inspection Services. This merger brings together three industry leaders to create a company that offers comprehensive mechanical integrity inspections, along with coating and corrosion inspections. 

Founded by Jonell Nixon in 1986, CCI Inspection Services has long been recognized for its commitment to excellence by providing top-tier inspection solutions. Over the years, the company has earned a reputation for a meticulous approach to protective coatings and corrosion mitigation. In addition, the company has a proven track record in failure analysis, offering comprehensive assessments to identify the root causes of coating and corrosion failures. 

GIR Solutions, established in 2017, and GIR Mechanical Integrity, established in 2020, have quickly emerged as leading energy service companies specializing in a range of essential services, including non-destructive testing, level 1 topside inspection, construction inspection, and data management solutions. In addition, the two companies offer comprehensive failure analysis solutions for mechanical components. Utilizing advanced diagnostic tools and expertise, they conduct thorough investigations to pinpoint the root causes of mechanical failures. 

By offering both mechanical integrity inspections and coating/corrosion inspections, Allco becomes a one-stop shop for essential inspection needs across various industrial markets. This comprehensive approach ensures clients receive unparalleled service, streamlined processes, and cost-effective solutions. 

Allco’s leadership team is comprised of seasoned industry veterans dedicated to guiding the new company toward continued success. Marlin Lester assumes the role of CEO, bringing a wealth of experience and strategic vision to the helm. Jeremy Johnson steps in as COO, leveraging his expertise in operational excellence to drive efficiency and growth. Jeremi Day, renowned for his mastery in protective coatings and corrosion mitigation, serves as CTO, while Trevor Doucet and Richard Fregia join as VPs of Operations, overseeing mechanical integrity and coatings respectively. Archie Cox takes on the pivotal role of Board Chair, providing invaluable guidance and leadership.

“The merger of GIR Solutions and CCI Inspection Services marks a pivotal moment in our industry,” says Johnson. “Together, we are poised to deliver unmatched value and innovation to our clients, setting new standards for excellence. Additionally, Allco is an employee-owned company, with field and office personnel holding a stake. This facet of company structure is a major factor in attracting industry talent and maintaining a consistent workforce for clients.” 

“Allco is more than just a merger; it’s a catalyst for change,” says Lester. “By offering a comprehensive suite of inspection services, we’re empowering our clients to thrive in a competitive landscape, while driving industry-wide transformation.” 

Source: Allco Solutions,