Hempel Introduces First Thermal Insulation Coatings System

Photo courtesy of Hempel.

As the need to control maintenance costs and manage corrosion under insulation (CUI) increases, coatings manufacturer Hempel A/S (Lyngby, Denmark) is introducing its Hempatherm IC system.

With one of the market’s highest film build capabilities, the seamless system offers superior protection and CUI mitigation by significantly reducing the risk of water ingress and retention, according to the company.

Comprised of Hempatherm IC 170 and Hempatherm IC 175, the system is designed to replace many conventional insulation systems in the critical CUI temperature range. It provides both thermal insulation and CUI mitigation, thereby maximizing the service life of industrial equipment and assets.

“Process industry operators are constantly looking for solutions that reduce the risk of CUI, while managing their personnel safety and energy consumption in a responsible way,” says Zechariah Lim, product manager for CUI, high heat, and insulation. “They want robust solutions to minimize disruption and deliver long-term value.” 

“The Hempatherm IC system offers just that,” Lim adds. “It is designed with our customers’ need for energy conservation in mind, without the risk of associated CUI. Coatings provide a simple and elegant alternative to meet this requirement, while promoting cost competitiveness, productivity, and sustainability over its service life for all stakeholders across the value chain.”

With the Hempatherm system, Hempel is aiming to provide next-level insulation solutions for process control and energy conservation. Its goal is to empower industries to achieve optimal operational performance.

According to the manufacturer, features of the Hempatherm IC system include:

  • One of the highest film builds per coat of any insulation coating.
  • Prevents water ingress and retention on insulated equipment, thereby eliminating the CUI risk.
  • Aerogel filler provides low thermal conductivity and is capable of replacing many types of conventional mechanical insulation within the critical CUI temperature range, from -25°C up to 177 °C (350 °F).
  • Resistant to cyclic temperatures and fluctuations.
  • A non-flammable formulation allows for safe application on hot surfaces for quick maintenance, which ensures assets are kept in service with minimal operational disruptions. 
  • Inspections can be done visually, as there is no hidden risk behind jacketing.
  • Installation is simple, with no requirement for handling metal jacketing. 
  • Can be applied over complex geometries. 
  • Prevents solar heat gain with minimum thickness.

“Hempel is excited to be part of the market shift from mechanical insulation to an advanced insulation coatings system,” says David Hunter, segment development manager for CUI, high heat, and insulation. 

“Insulation coatings have over 25 years of proven performance, but up until now, limitations on coating film thickness have limited thermal insulation coatings as a comparative alternative,” Hunter concludes. “Our Hempatherm system provides one of the market’s highest film builds per coat, with a material engineered to maintain thermal performance over the service life, often in the range of 15-25 years.”

Source: Hempel, www.hempel.com.