BASF Renames Two Dispersion Plants in China

BASF Dispersions Plant, Jiangsu. Photo courtesy of BASF.

BASF (Ludwigshafen, Germany) has announced that it is changing the names of two dispersion plants in China. Formerly known as BASF Paper Chemicals Huizhou, the plant will now be known as BASF Specialty Material Huizhou. Also, BASF Paper Chemicals Jiangsu will now be known as BASF Specialty Material Jiangsu.

Along with better reflecting the diverse product offerings for various industries, the name changes were prompted by inquiries from some customers regarding the previous names.

“Besides supplying paper coatings, these two production plants also supply a wide range of water-based polymer dispersions to various industries, including construction, paints, personal care, and more,” explains Jeff Liu, business manager, Dispersions Greater China, BASF. “Therefore, the original names did not fully represent the full scope of our capabilities.”

BASF’s dispersions business unit is a key supplier of dispersions to a diverse range of sectors, including construction, paints, adhesives, personal care, and lithium-ion batteries, the latter of which is a rapidly growing industry in China.

“Fueled by rising demand for electric vehicles, the EV [electric vehicle] market presents us with significant growth opportunities,” elaborates Andreas Fechtenkötter, senior vice president, Dispersions Asia Pacific, BASF. “Our Licity and Basonal Power product serve as essential anode binders for lithium-ion batteries. These two production plants not only meet the growing demand for batteries in China, but also cater to wider demand in the Asia Pacific region. By aligning the names of the plants with our focus on specialty materials, we aim to provide customers and potential customers with a clearer understanding of the nature of our business.” 

BASF currently operates three dispersions production plants in China that primarily support customers from different Chinese regions in industries such as construction, paints, paper, adhesives, and consumer goods. The plants in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu commenced operations in 2002, while the plant in Huizhou, Guangdong started up in 2012.

Source: BASF,