Evident, Gläser Join Forces on Technical Cleanliness Inspections

Evident, a Hamburg, Germany-based manufacturer of leading-edge life science and industrial solutions, announced a strategic cooperation with hydraulics and technical cleanliness company Gläser (Horb, Germany). 

According to the companies, this collaboration combines the capabilities of Evident’s cleanliness inspection microscopes with Gläser's precision extraction technology. In turn, their goal is to create a comprehensive platform for technical cleanliness analysis and contamination control across manufacturing industries.

In manufacturing processes within the automotive, aerospace, and medical technology industries, the presence of micron-sized particles can lead to functional limitations of the final product. During cleanliness inspections, any particulate contaminants must first be extracted from the assembly or part being tested, and this is where Gläser’s specialized extraction instruments excel. 

The filter used in the extraction process can then be easily analyzed with a CIX100 inspection system from Evident, an automated microscope that facilitates the processing, analysis, and documentation of technical cleanliness inspection data according to international standards. 

Together, the technologies form a cohesive solution for measuring and assessing the cleanliness of manufactured components, according to the companies.

The cooperation is designed to enable customers to take advantage of extraction systems and cleanliness inspection microscopes as a comprehensive package. By providing customers with a complete workflow solution, Evident and Gläser say they have affirmed their joint commitment to excellence in technical cleanliness. With their combined strengths, both parties aim to mutually empower sales and reach more customers, both locally and globally. 

Markus Fabich, Strategic Marketing Manager for Industrial Microscopes, EMEA at Evident, commented, “By uniting Gläser's cutting-edge extraction systems with Evident's advanced cleanliness inspection microscopes, our customers will benefit from a streamlined approach and the assurance that the highest standards of technical cleanliness are met in their manufacturing processes,” says Markus Fabich, strategic marketing manager for industrial microscopes at Evident. Fabich’s role covers Europe, Middle East, and Africa.

“We are excited about the opportunities this collaboration presents by giving our respective customers the ability to purchase extraction systems and cleanliness inspection microscopes from one source,” adds Michael Skrzypczak, a technical sales representative at Gläser. “Bringing CIX100 systems onto our platform enables us to further enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of technical cleanliness inspections around the world.” 

Source: Evident, www.evidentscientific.com