3t Energy Group Announces New Brand, Vision

Kevin Franklin, CEO. Photo courtesy of 3t.

3t (Bournemouth, United Kingdom), a global training and learning organization, has unveiled anew brand showcasing its new vision and identity ahead of SPE Offshore Europe 2023. 

Supporting safety-critical industries with the highest-impact learning, 3t’s new brand reinforces the group’s core cornerstones of training, technology, and transformation. The group plans to unite its businesses under one strong, unified, and instantly recognisable brand identity, and that brand is 3t. 

With eight U.K. and two international training locations, along with several expert-led sales offices located strategically around the world, 3t says it has enjoyed an exciting period of growth in recent years. 

3t is the sum of its four businesses, previously AIS Survivex, UCT, 3t Transform, and Drilling Systems. According to the company, this makes the group stand out in key sectors by offering customers a unique combination of engaging and safety-critical in-person training with technology and digital learning solutions that exponentially transform learning outcomes for individuals, businesses, and industries.

Four business divisions have been created to support the business as it continues to grow, highlighting where 3t’s expertise lies: training services, digital, workforce solutions, and managed services.

“This re-brand is a natural, yet thrilling evolution of our business and our brands from where we are today,” says Kevin Franklin, CEO. “The heritage of our businesses goes all the way back to 1988, when Drilling Systems was founded, and our journey as 3t Energy Group began in 2017 through an acquisition and subsequent mergers of Drilling Systems, then AIS, Neutron VR (subsequently 3t Transform), Survivex, and then Petrofac’s training operations. Growing the business over the past six years to what it is today, and with the most recent acquisition of UCT last year, makes me incredibly proud of each and every person working with us at any part of this journey.

“Now is the time for us to harness all that we do so well, and to put all our efforts behind one, unified brand,” Franklin adds. “That brand is 3t. Training, technology, and transformation are at the heart of all that we do, and what makes us the market-leader in so many aspects of our offering. This is just another small step forward for us in our ever-ambitious journey, as we continue to grow, and to ensure that we offer our customers all around the world the very best experience. We are the market leaders, and our new brand identity helps us to showcase this.”

The new brand identity includes a simplified logo and brand name, 3t, which represents the three Ts of training, technology, and transformation. New fonts, a color palette, and brand positioning are designed to ensure that the new brand will stand out in its marketplaces and bring all of 3t’s expert-led divisions closer to the heart of the brand.

The brand launches ahead of Offshore Europe’s 50th anniversary conference, which is being held in Aberdeen, United Kingdom, at P&J Live, near one of 3t’s state-of-the-art training centres in Dyce. 

“We’ve been working hard as a team on this exciting project for some time now, launching with business-wide workshops back in January,” says Annabel Leckenby, group marketing director. “With so much energy put into the project throughout this year, the perfect time to launch our new brand identity to the world had to be during Offshore Europe week—a very important market and audience for us.”

“We’re very proud of this new brand identity and vision for the future and know that this will support us and our continued ambition to be the world’s number one training and learning organization for safety-critical industries,” she adds.

Source: 3t, www.3tglobal.com