Drilling Systems Announces Simulation Contract with Petronas

Advanced drilling simulation technology company Drilling Systems (Bournemouth, United Kingdom), part of 3t Energy Group, has secured a contract win with Malaysian oil and gas company Petronas (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia).

The three-year contract award was made as part of a competitive tender process, under which Drilling Systems will provide its innovative “Drill the Well on Simulator” (DWOS) learning technology to support the oil and gas company’s training and development program.

By creating customized simulations of drilling and well control scenarios, the project is bolstered by a collaboration with Eftech Energy Solutions Sdn Bhd, a local partner. They are a Malaysian company who specializes in real-time operational services and drilling digitalization.

According to Drilling Systems, the use of immersive learning technologies within training programs is widely proven to deliver better outcomes for both employees and employers. These superior outcomes include knowledge retention and increased engagement, and this well-specific technological development is believed to further instill confidence in a crew’s abilities. 

“We are delighted to be working with Eftech to deliver a series of DWOS to support the crew training for Petronas,” says Max Wyndham, head of business development. “The training will provide a fantastic tool to mitigate drilling risks and human error when preparing crews for a range of potential safety critical scenarios and non-routine operations. The tailored approach of DWOS will allow the well-specific data to be interpreted and transformed into virtual reality, improving technical excellence of the crew and enhancing overall safety for the industry."

Drilling Systems says its digital twin technology will also be used to imitate the exact rig environment to customize the equipment and control systems based on the specific rig being used for the well. This makes the training more immersive, since true-to-life experiences are practiced within a risk-free environment. This is designed to assist users within their safety-critical roles, while also making the learning as realistic and immersive as possible.

DWOS complements the company’s well-established Drill Well on Paper (DWOP) exercises while utilizing the group’s mobile “On-the-Rig” (OTR) simulator.

“This contract is a testament to 3t Energy Group’s strong track record and capability of using transformative technology to enhance training across the energy sector, says Clive Battisby, chief operating officer. “We look forward to working closely with the teams at Eftech and Petronas in a unified mission to increase technical competence, operational safety, and performance of the crew.” 

Source: Drilling Systems, www.drillingsystems.com