Corrosion Innovations Acquires CHLOR*RID Product Line

Corrosion Innovations, LLC (Pasadena, Texas, USA), a global leader in the corrosion prevention industry, has acquired the CHLOR*RID product line from Milliken & Company (Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA). The acquisition was announced by Archie Cox, Jr., chairman of the board for Corrosion Innovations. 

The CHLOR*RID product line includes surface decontamination, passivation products, and salt testing kits for soluble salt detection and removal. 

“CHLOR*RID has been a staple of the industry for over 30 years, and was a strategic target of ours from day one,” says Marlin Lester, CEO of Corrosion Innovations. “The liquid products and test kits are utilized all over the world by many different industry segments, including the U.S. military. Our team of AMPP- [Association for Materials Protection and Performance-] certified subject matter experts is ready to integrate CHLOR*RID into our market-leading business and provide a synergistic approach to soluble salt removal and testing in the industry.” 

“Our approach to integrating the business will be the same as we have done with the Corr-Ze product line,” continues Lester. “We will invest in inventory to offset how this ever-changing world can impact supply chains. Corrosion Innovations will provide continuous improvement and seek the counsel of its large customer base of end users to achieve this. We are excited about this acquisition and look forward to exponential growth in the second quarter.” 

“The CHLOR*RID team has developed the premier salt testing and removal solutions,” says Matt Valentine, Corrosion Innovations’ new director of sales and a former long-term employee of CHLOR*RID Products. “I am confident that Corrosion Innovations will continue to provide the service that our customers have come to expect and that our collective industry expertise will unlock the full potential of the CHLOR*RID product offerings.” 

“The strong distribution network that Corrosion Innovations has combined with CHLOR*RID will be a powerhouse,” says Gregg Taney, president of Corrosion Innovations. “The distributors are instrumental to the success of any venture, especially one of this capacity. We will not follow suit with competitors with eCommerce as this does nothing but undermine the people that are outselling your products with boots on the ground.”

According to Corrosion Innovations, Milliken decided to divest its CHLOR*RID line because it no longer aligned with the company’s overall coating additives business strategy. Milliken will continue to serve the coating additives market with its diverse portfolio, which includes Borchers: A Milliken Brand, a global leader in performance additives for the coatings, inks, and adhesives markets. 

Source: Corrosion Innovations,