Data Management Firms TruQC, SPOT Tracker Merge into TRU

Image courtesy of Jones Capital.

TruQC and SPOT Tracker recently announced their merger and the launch of TRU, which they describe as an industry-leading digital data management platform for critical assets across the infrastructure, energy, and shipbuilding and repair sectors. 

TRU (St. Louis, Missouri, USA) is a portfolio company of Jones Capital. Ross Boyd, founder and CEO of TruQC, will serve as CEO of TRU while Jason Dunn, founder and president of SPOT Tracker (Hattiesburg, Mississippi, USA), will serve as chief revenue officer of the merged organization. 

TRU says its suite of tools can solve problems that are created when critical industrial assets burdened with complex documentation and compliance requirements are built, serviced, and operated by multiple stakeholders with disassociated datasets. 

By combining the proven services of TruQC and SPOT, TRU believes its mobile applications can facilitate and automate field data collection and aggregation for construction progress, inspection, compliance, and material tracking to provide real-time visibility into operations while increasing the productivity of scarce labor resources. 

The platform also acts as a permanent, easy-to-use data management system for ongoing maintenance and compliance needs, ensuring that clients meet or exceed required regulatory standards.

“TruQC and SPOT were both founded with the concept of bringing highly user-friendly technology platforms to gritty, severe service environments,” says Boyd. “This partnership means we now have a complete platform allowing us to capture and share data in real-time along an asset’s entire lifecycle.”

TruQC describes itself as a leader in industrial field data and compliance for the petrochemical, marine, and coatings markets, and it is focused on the inspection, maintenance, and repair of in-service assets. Meanwhile, SPOT offers a technology that delivers value to clients during capital projects such as asset construction and installation.

The combination of these two platforms to form TRU provides a secure, unified dataset through the complete asset lifecycle. With TRU, asset owners, contractors, and inspectors now have a single source of information on their most critical components. 

“We are very excited about the combination of TruQC and SPOT,” says Tom Caughlin, president of Jones Capital. “Both are clear leaders in their niche, supporting the most well respected, blue-chip customers within the industries they serve. Building, inspecting, and maintaining assets with a fully digital, instantly accessible, traceable process is not a dream of tomorrow; it’s TRU today.”

Source: TRU,