Sherwin-Williams Launches Water Tank Color Designer Tool

With eight tank style templates, numerous color options, stock lettering and icons, and the capability to incorporate user-created images, the Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine Water Tank Color Designer offers unequalled customization possibilities. Image courtesy of Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine.

In an emailed press release, Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine (Cleveland, Ohio, USA) announced the launch of its Water Tank Color Designer, an online tool for conceptualizing, visualizing, and optimizing water storage tank coating projects. 

“We wanted to create a comprehensive tool that engineers, contractors, and applicators can all use to accurately and creatively design water storage tank projects,” says Bryan Draga, global vice president – marketing, Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine. “With our best-in-industry technology and an unequaled array of capabilities, the Water Tank Color Designer helps our customers bring their visions into reality and makes it easier to share designs for approval from everyone involved.” 

Located at, the Water Tank Color Designer presents an array of customizable options, including tank styles, paint colors, logos, icons, and fonts. Users can even create multi-color designs, with different colors for various areas of the tank, including the top, bottom, and legs. User can also upload their own logo designs to help make their visualization as true to life as possible. 

“We’re providing eight different tank styles, including ground storage, standpipe, legged, spheroid, hydropillar, hydrotank, cone roof, and composite,” says Draga. “And there’s access to any of the Sherwin-Williams Color System 4000 Series industrial colors, as well as the most popular exterior tank colors, to find just the right one. Users can also add in their own messaging and imagery, so the possibilities are virtually limitless.” 

With the visualization tool, users can select the appropriate environment for showcasing their tank designs, depending on whether the real-world project will stand against, for example, a city skyline or a field. The virtual tank view is also fully rotatable for examination of the design from all angles. 

Upon completion of their tank design, users will receive a link to their completed project, which can be accessed, shared, and updated. And when everyone’s satisfied with—and maybe even excited about—the look of the project, the Water Tank Color Designer provides an easy, direct contact to the Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine team to help make it happen. 

For more information and to view a video tutorial, visit the Water Tank Color Designer page on the Sherwin-Williams website.