Rockwood Composites Quadruples Capacity via New Factory, Subsidiary

Photo courtesy of Rockwood Composites.

Composite components manufacturer Rockwood Composites (Paignton, United Kingdom) announced that it plans to quadruple its capacity in the next five years. This includes increasing its factory floor space from 5,000 ft2 (464.5 m2) to over 30,000 ft2 (2,787.1 m2), which will be supported by a commensurate increase in sales and recruiting more highly skilled engineers.

This growth has already started with the recent relocation to a new, bigger factory in Paignton, according to the company. Rockwood has also invested in new machinery, such as a Hexagon Absolute Arm. The growth is further being supported with a new Moroccan subsidiary, which will have a footprint of 2,000 m2, and a specific use for the aerospace industry.

Rockwood describes itself as a specialist in manufacturing design while offering long-run, small-volume production runs. It has already built a solid reputation in aerospace and defense and is expanding into automotive and leisure. As one example, the group says it is currently manufacturing cycle frames for two leading bike producers. 

The company’s design engineers, who understand materials properties and tooling, are tasked with effectively designing for efficient manufacturing. The company is currently recruiting similar, highly skilled engineers.

“Our customers want more of our design skills and manufacturing capability, and this demand is coming from new industries as well as existing markets,” says Mark Crouchen, managing director. “This is a pivotal time for the company, as we have moved to much bigger premises, and with our new Moroccan subsidiary. 

“We are planning for huge growth, and myself and my team are relishing the challenges that our customers will bring,” he adds. “Whether that is producing seats for an airplane, developing struts able to withstand the largest temperature range you can imagine, designing a manufacturing process for a rotor, or manufacturing a hockey stick or ice skate, it doesn’t matter. We will turn our experience and expertise and deliver efficient and effective solutions in composites manufacturing.” 

Source: Rockwood Composites,