Partnering Houston-Based Corrosion Prevention Companies Expand Operations

Corrosion Innovations (Pasadena, Texas, USA), manufacturer of the Corr-Ze surface preparation product line, and business partner CRW Consulting & Distribution (Houston, Texas, USA) has expanded their operations by relocating to a larger global distribution center in South Houston. BothCorrosion Innovations and CRW Consulting & Distribution made the announcement on their respective LinkedIn pages. 

While the two companies have operated in the South Houston area since 2019, the move to a larger facility comes after their sales and distribution operations outgrew their previous space. The move to their new 15,000-sq.-ft. (1,394.5-m2) facility, which houses indoor storage, training, and administrative facilities, will allow for the continued growth of the Corr-Ze product line. 

The Corr-Ze 200 is in a category of its own as the only product that will remove flash rust along with all other non-visible contaminants, including chlorides, sulfates, and nitrates. Additional space needed to host several demonstrations of this product was critical in the decision to relocate headquarters, the companies state. 

“We perform anywhere between four to six live demonstrations per month and at least that many training classes,” says Gregg Taney, president of CRW Consulting & Distribution. “This new larger facility will allow us to increase these numbers without disturbing ongoing operations, logistics, and customer service.” 

According to the companies, the Corr-Zee product line remains available and in stock despite market changes and procurement challenges across the industry. With that in mind, the new building will add additional space for the bulk storage of raw materials and finished products. 

“The new facility will allow us to continue to grow and provide our market-leading products domestically and internationally without interruption,” says Marlin Lester, CEO of Corrosion Innovations. “When you can’t provide a product, you are impacting someone’s project with delay; the only impact a manufacturer can have and stay in business is a positive one. This is what our end users, contractors, distributors, and private label accounts have become accustomed to.” 

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