Hexigone Partners With Indian Company to Distribute Corrosion Inhibitors in Region

Photo courtesy of Hexigone Inhibitors Ltd.

In an emailed press release, Hexigone Inhibitors Ltd. (Port Talbot, United Kingdom), a manufacturer of patented, award-winning anti-corrosives, announced their partnership with Ankush Enterprise (Mumbai, India) to promote their technology throughout the Indian paint and coatings market. 

Ankush Enterprise is one of the largest importers of specialty chemicals in the region and has 25 years’ experience of providing multiple verticals with technical solutions. With the company’s deep knowledge about the Indian paints and coatings market, along with capabilities for selling a high value concept, Hexigone expects the partnership to be a successful one. 

As Dr. Patrick Dodds, CEO and founder of Hexigone, notes, India is a high-value market with more than 3,000 paint manufacturers with nearly all global Tier 1’s represented. 

“India, a leading economy and fast-developing country, is a key geographical region for our future growth strategy,” says Dodds. “When adding 1% Intelli-ion AX1 as a specialty ingredient within primer systems, coatings manufacturers can save 5-10% on their anti-corrosives per kg of paint. Additionally, the co-blend will offer performance improvements to protect metal assets for longer.” 

Intelli-ion, Hexigone’s corrosion inhibitor, protects in a “smart” way that is completely unique to the market. Intelligent micro-reservoirs enable the coatings to react faster to the environment, triggering the release of the inhibitor on demand. Not only is Hexigone already supplying this technology to coatings companies worldwide, Intelli-ion won Materials Performance Corrosion Innovation of the Year in 2021 and the British Coatings Federation Sustainable Innovation Awards in 2022.

“We are thrilled to add Hexigone’s patented technology to our product portfolio,” says Nilesh Parekh, founder of Ankush Enterprise. “We pride ourselves in keeping abreast of the most innovative, new technologies and are confident our customers—old and new—will soon be testing with Intelli-ion to reap the sustainability, cost, and performance benefits. We would like to announce to the Indian paint and coatings market that we are here to address your corrosion protection needs.”