Webcast: Benefits of Automating Cathodic Protection Workflows

Cathodic protection (CP) workflows can be complex and inefficient. Digitizing data acquisition, analysis, and reporting can save time and money while providing more accurate results.

Fortunately, purpose-built solutions exist to help users unlock value and make better business decisions via the application of fast syncing and improved analysis and reporting.

Becky Gibbs Murray, senior product manager at American Innovations (Austin, Texas, USA), will discuss how to take advantage of these solutions in a free Materials Performance (MP) webcast on June 16, 2022.

As part of the webcast, attendees will learn:

  • How wireless syncing can make compliance easier;
  • Five ways to digitize workflows to be more efficient and complete;
  • How to use survey data to analyze trends and identify deteriorating pipeline health;
  • How to get access to survey data, anytime and anywhere Internet service is available;
  • How to quickly verify and send your data with a single click.

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Source: MP Webcasts, www.materialsperformance.com/webinars.