Professional Development Panel Offers Guidance to Industry Newcomers

Photo via AMPP’s Coatings+ Show Daily.

Change is inevitable, though it can sometimes more surprising or impactful than expected. To the entire world, 2020 was both, sending lives spinning and careers careening into uncertainty and chaos. Thankfully, the evolution of technology has been a steadfast contributor to advancement in our industry, allowing coatings professionals to regain some traction.

With that in mind, the newly formed Association for Materials Protection and Performance (AMPP)—comprised of the legacy SSPC: The Society for Protective Coatings and NACE International organizations—welcomed guests to a special Professional Development Panel at the recent Coatings+ conference in Phoenix, Arizona. At this session, young professionals, students, and anyone else new to the industry reaped the benefits of watching a high-level educational leadership discussion among key players from across the coatings industry.

The panel, which was held in the Coatings+ Exhibit Hall on Dec. 15, brought together chosen industry members in various stages of their careers, with a goal of helping illustrate how change and disruption has influenced them over the past year and throughout their careers.

With AMPP’s Jessica Miller serving as emcee, the panelists were:

  • The 2020-2021 Women in Coatings Impact Award recipient, Joyce Wright, board chair of the AMPP Global Center and from Huntington Ingalls Industries-Newport News Shipbuilding
  • Juan Caballero, director of the AMPP Global Center Director and Naval & Industrial Solutions S.A., Panama
  • Jessica Davison, Ph.D. candidate at the University of Southern Mississippi in the School of Polymer Science and Engineering
  • Drayton Adkins, founder and president of Team Bulwark, a new coating inspection firm

A theme of “How Have Change and Evolution Influenced your Career?” guided the panel. Questions and talking points involved the COVID-19 pandemic, change influenced by the industry, and changes in their personal career paths.

Each panelist is at a different phase of their career, so they offered a wide range of relatable experiences. They also shared ideas and advice that has helped them along the way, or that would have helped them at a certain point in their past.

The Exhibit Hall event brought in nearly 50 direct guests, who remained attentive and engaged throughout and were able to ask questions during and following the panel session, as needed. Ultimately, it was a great opportunity for viewers to meet and network with PCS-certified industry mentors and subject-matter experts in a relaxed setting.

Source: Coatings+ Show Daily,