Chemours Releases 2021 Coatings Sustainability Poll Results

Global chemistry company Chemours (Wilmington, Delaware, USA) recently released its coatings sustainability poll results, showing that 63% of coatings professionals identify balancing sustainability and cost as their greatest challenge to advancing sustainability in coatings design. More than 220 coatings professionals completed the poll during the 2021 European Coatings Show (ECS) Conference and European Coatings Journal (ECJ) webinar.

Other professionals cited coatings quality or performance tradeoffs, regulatory requirements and uncertainty, common goals from supply chain producers, and requirements for data and analytics—in descending order of popularity—as their greatest challenge.

“Too often, our conversations around sustainability focus solely on what’s inside the can. While that’s critically important, we know environmental impact expands beyond the can,” says Angela Sauvage, global coatings product development manager. “We believe a holistic view to product sustainability is the key to unlocking value—and potential cost savings—for our customers and end consumers.”

The Ti-Pure brand team at Chemours shared this perspective during its recent ECJ webinar and ECS technical presentation, which focused on the role of titanium dioxide (TiO2) in the evolution of sustainable coatings design to a holistic systems approach.

Chemours is a leading producer of high-quality Ti-Pure TiO2 for coatings, plastics, and laminates. It is a brand of the Chemours company, which is committed to advancing responsible chemistry across its portfolio. According to the company, Chemours offers strong market positions in titanium technologies, thermal and specialized solutions, advanced performance materials, and chemical solutions.

Source: Chemours,