ACME Releases Online Corrosion-Based Training Programs

Engineering consultancy company ACME–Advanced Tek, LLC (Katy, Texas, USA) recently announced that its corrosion-based training programs are now available online. The company specializes in addressing and troubleshooting integrity related incidents in the oil and gas industry through engineering critical assessments, forensic materials failure analysis, and root cause analysis.

According to the company, these programs are a great opportunity to help the energy industry meet training requirements and improve the capabilities of those who are concerned about corrosion and how to mitigate the effects on production casing, pipelines, steam generators, gas plants, and more.

The courses will cover the basis for material selection and all forms of corrosion; localized corrosion; stress corrosion cracking; fatigue; sulfide stress cracking; hydrogen embrittlement; high-temperature corrosion in gas plants and refineries (e.g. amine and ammonium chloride); and corrosion monitoring management including integrity operating windows.

Instruction will be in English (also in French, if required) and geared toward problem-oriented learning, which devotes the major amount of time to providing participants with hands-on experience to solve problems using relevant tools, according to the company.

“The environment plays an important role in materials corrosion or degradation,” according to Dr. Mimoun Elboujdaini and Dr. Magdy Girgis, who issued a jointly released statement. Both are managing partners at ACME–Advanced Tek.

“The petroleum and chemical industries discovered various corrosion problems such as localized corrosion, SCC [stress corrosion cracking], HIC [hydrogen induced cracking], etc.,” the managing partners say. “Many corrosion failure problems can be prevented by a proper attention from the early stage of material manufacturing, and treatment, something you get with our training. A good understanding of the variety of damage mechanisms is mandatory for any asset integrity–otherwise, the results can be disastrous and very costly.”

The currently available ACME training curriculum includes these courses

  • Fundamentals of materials and corrosion (academic and case histories)
  • Corrosion in subsurface and pipelines in sweet, sour, and heavy oil production
  • Material and corrosion in equipment (gas plants; refineries; compressors and steam generators)
  • Monitoring technologies and integrity operating windows used in the oil and gas industry

Further details are available at ACME’s web site.

Source: ACME–Advanced Tek, LLC,