Coordinated Systems Consulting Acquires Surtreat

Coordinated Systems Consulting (CSC) (Chicago, Illinois, USA), a leader in the restorative construction industry, recently acquired Surtreat—which offers technologies specializing in surface applied solutions for structural repair and restoration. This acquisition comes as CSC aims to expands its portfolio of life extending construction technologies in order to provide customers, partners, and clients with economical, environmentally friendly, efficient, and effective solutions for structural repair and strengthening needs.

The purchase of Surtreat, based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, further increases CSC’s market share in the U.S. structural repair and strengthening market and beyond, as Surtreat Solutions also operates in the Middle East, Mexico, Canada, and Europe. With a shared vision of minimizing the carbon footprint of concrete removal and replacement and providing customers with innovative solutions, both companies say they are excited for this newfound synergy.

CSC will begin integrating the Surtreat Innovative SurCoPrimer into their fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) line to offer customers what it describes as the only FRP solution that stabilizes the concrete substrate and provides protection from future corrosion, all while offering a significant extension of service life to the structure and the FRP repair. The new combination also includes Surtreat’s renowned research and development lab at the University of Pittsburgh.

Source: CSC,