As Demand Rises, Xaloy Reopens U.S. Bimetallic Barrels Facility

Xaloy, a leading manufacturer of plastic processing components for injection and extrusion machinery, will expand its U.S. manufacturing operations by reopening its 100,000-square-foot (9,290.3 m2) facility in Pulaski, Virginia, USA, to manufacture bimetallic barrels for a wide range of applications in the plastics manufacturing industry.

In 2016, Xaloy closed its Pulaski plant and moved the majority of the facility’s manufacturing and positions to Austintown, Ohio, USA. With the return of its barrel manufacturing functions to Pulaski, the company will rehire a number of former employees familiar with Xaloy’s specific machinery.

“With the increase in demand, we were reaching capacity with our twin-barrel line in Austintown, and moving that business back to Pulaski was contingent on being able to hire the right people and do it quickly,” says Kamal K. Tiwari, CEO of Xaloy. The company was acquired by Altair Investments in February 2021.

Founded in 1929, Xaloy is a global leader in high-performance machinery components and equipment for the plastics industry. The company has one of the largest screw and barrel design portfolios, world-class manufacturing capabilities, and a global sales and customer support team.

Over the years, Xaloy’s deep technological and engineering expertise has helped improve quality and throughput for plastics processors. Among the group’s top accomplishments, according to the company, is inventing the first tungsten carbide barrel to withstand extreme wear and corrosive environments.

Source: Xaloy,