Mike Ames Returns Full-Time to Corrground Consulting LLC

Mike Ames.

With over 40 years of international and domestic experience, Mike Ames has a vast knowledge of pipeline and electric power systems. He has held distinguished leadership roles such as director, treasurer, and vice chairman at NACE International and the Association for Materials Protection and Performance (AMPP) while also serving on dozens of technical committees, where he has been a strong advocate of pipeline integrity and corrosion control.

After serving in managerial and technical positions in major gas pipeline companies, he transitioned into the pipeline corrosion services business world for six years as a vice president of technical operations.

In recent weeks, Ames returned to a full-time role as president of his consultancy business, Corrground Consulting LLC (Humble, Texas, USA). The business offers services within pipeline integrity, corrosion control, alternating current (AC) mitigation, pipeline evaluations, and incident investigations.

Ames’ personal certifications include NACE/AMPP Cathodic Protection Specialist #4343; NACE/AMPP Senior Corrosion Technologist #4343; and NACE/AMPP Navigator #5, and his international experience includes time in Colombia, Bolivia, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Chili, Suriname, Puerto Rico, Mexico, India, Canada, and England.

More information is available by calling +1 713-598-7042; via email at ames.mike@gmail.com.