Podcast: Using Differential Reflectometry Mapping for Buried Pipelines

Tristan de Servins and Solveig Parent of Heuristech and Dr. Homero Castaneda-Lopez of Texas A&M University (College Station, Texas, USA) join the MP Interview Series to discuss their Differential Reflectometry Mapping (DRM) technology, which was recently named as a winner in the 2021 MP Corrosion Innovation of the Year Awards program.

DRM is described as a novel technology that uses electromagnetic reflectometry to assess the state of a coating on buried pipeline networks. This technology allows users to detect, locate, and characterize coating defects, including delaminations, and the experts offer more background details on this podcast. DRM is non-invasive and ideally suited to assess pipelines in cities, under roads or waterways, and in other challenging environments.