Podcast: New Advancements in Remote Cathodic Protection Monitoring

Phil Daum, hardware/firmware engineer; Tony da Costa, vice president of engineering; and Lucas Holzen, hardware/firmware engineer. Photo courtesy of MOBILTEX.

Tony da Costa, vice president of engineering at MOBILTEX Data Ltd. (Calgary, Alberta, Canada), joins our latest episode of the Materials Performance (MP) Interview Series to discuss recent advancements in remote cathodic protection (CP) monitoring. (Complete Transcript)

His company's CorTalk RMU1+INT1 package, which was honored as an MP Corrosion Innovation Awards winner, is designed to enable utilities and pipeline operators to remotely perform interruption, obtain CP measurement data, and dramatically reduce travel to remote locations. In this newly released podcast, da Costa shares user feedback on the technology and related trends, along with unique insight and perspective from his many years in the corrosion industry. Tune in: