AMPP Technical Exchange on Ship Biofouling—A Success Story

This podcast episode features a roundtable discussion with Elisabeth Charmley, Naval Architect for one of the world's largest ship managers; Johnny Eliasson, Hull and Coatings Engineer at Chevron Shipping; and Buddy Reams, Captain USCG (retired), Chief Technical/Maritime Officer of the Association for Materials Protection and Performance (AMPP). All three are members of TEG532x, which is a Technical Exchange Group (TEG) that remains very active in areas related to ship hull fouling, antifouling methods, aquatic invasive species, and other biofouling related interests of the commercial shipping community.

Topics discussed on the new podcast include the origins of the open group and motivations to join; success stories from the group over its three-plus years; efforts to synchronize the TEG’s work with other shipping trade organizations; and the ongoing development and structure of AMPP's technical program.

Source: AMPP,