Gretchen Jacobson Retires as MP Managing Editor-in-Chief

Gretchen A. Jacobson and Rebecca A. Bickham of Materials Performance (MP) magazine.

Gretchen A. Jacobson, Managing Editor-in-Chief of Materials Performance (MP) magazine, officially retired from her role at the conclusion of December 2022.

Everyone who works on MP would like to thank Jacobson for over 25 years of service to the magazine and to the associations, originally NACE International and now the Association for Materials Protection and Performance (AMPP). We wish her well on the next exciting chapters in her life.

“I loved being part of talented teams and working together to create the highest quality publications that fit our audience needs,” Jacobson says.

“There have been so many changes in publishing technologies, from when we used to print our own magazine negatives to send to the printer and designed using PageMaker, then QuarkExpress, and finally InDesign, to online manuscript submission systems, sending electronic files to the printer, and proofing and editing online.”

Going forward, Jacobson looks forward to spending time with her husband, her two daughters, and her grandchildren, as well as spending more time traveling.

“I’ll miss my coworkers from all departments, authors, members, and customers,” Jacobson concludes. “It was very rewarding to be part of that and take pride in what we accomplished, month in and month out.”

For the time being, Jacobson will remain involved with MP in a smaller contract role. Rebecca A. Bickham, who worked with Jacobson over the past four years as Editor, is now leading the magazine as Editor-in-Chief.

In her new role, Bickham will lead, develop, implement, and manage all facets of publishing Materials Performance, one of AMPP’s monthly membership and subscriber magazines and its ancillary products.

Not only will she develop and implement MP’s strategic direction, but she will also continue to focus on the production of quality content for AMPP—providing members and readers with all the information they need and how they want it delivered.

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