Facts and Figures on the First AMPP Annual Conference + Expo

The Exhibit Hall featured 348 companies displaying the latest technologies in corrosion control and protective coatings.

The inaugural AMPP Annual Conference + Expo in San Antonio, Texas, USA drew roughly 5,000 attendees from the corrosion and protective coatings industries worldwide. From informative programs and workshops to exhibits and networking, the conference featured the very latest information on materials, corrosion and coating trends, best practices, and products.

The technical program, with 41 symposia, featured paper presentations on a wide range of corrosion and coatings topics, including corrosion management, marine corrosion, coatings failure, cathodic protection, and much more.

Forums included everything from achieving successful leadership and digital asset transformation to pipeline safety and zinc coatings for asset protection. A protective coatings workshop was one of several focused on specialized topics throughout the week.

Awards programs included AMPP honors for members with outstanding contributions to the organization, the annual CoatingsPro Contractor Awards, and the Student Poster Awards.

The 2022 show ran from Sunday, March 6 through Thursday, March 10, and recaps of many of these events are available through the AMPP Show Daily web site.

Meanwhile, the Expo featured 348 companies displaying the latest in corrosion control and protective coatings. For a hands-on interactive experience, the coatings experience and cathodic protection (CP) test field were available in the exhibit hall. The new AMPPiTheater featured topical presentations ranging from sustainability, data capture technology, titanium grade selection, health hazards in the coatings industry, and more.

The 2023 AMPP Conference + Expo will be held March 19-23 in Denver, Colorado, USA. Make plans now to attend the world’s largest and most valuable annual event for the corrosion and coatings industry.

Source: AMPP 2022 Show Daily, showdaily.ampp.org.

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