Best Available Design Technologies for Pipeline Isolation

Tim Hurley, GPT Industries.

There are many offerings for both above- and below-ground pipeline isolation. But only certain designs may be appropriate, considering the varied applications that pipelines have, changing conditions, and the need to design for a sustainable future.

In this recently released webcast hosted by GPT Industries (Wheat Ridge, Colorado, USA), senior product manager Tim Hurley and product manager Alex Grimmer offered a deep dive into materials, design, and practices.

Their objective is to provide the audience with a much clearer view on what will optimize the isolation in pipelines not only for today, but in the future. A review of flange isolation kits, as well as monolithic isolation joints, is provided in the webcast.

Fundamental flaws that once were unnoticed due to mundane applications are now becoming more critical to pipeline performance due to additive chemicals, oil and gas extraction technologies, oil and gas makeup, and a lack of resources, GPT explains.

Fortunately, there are products available today that can not only dramatically minimize the effects of these changes while protecting pipelines in the coming years, but they will also concurrently ensure that the pipeline is operating more safely.

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Source: Materials Performance Webcasts,

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