Benefits of Viscoelastic, Self-Healing, Fully Amorphous Coatings

Viscoelastic coatings have been used over the past two decades with success in solving corrosion issues throughout various circumstances. Highly aggressive soils, such as the Subkha soil in the Gulf Coast area, require excellent performance of a coating.

In this webcast presentation, the relationship between the intrinsic properties of a viscoelastic coating and its performance under these circumstances is explained from lab to field. Those who watch will learn:

• What viscoelastic coatings are

• Unique behavior of viscoelastic coatings

• Case history—Subkah soil: High salt and sulfur content, elevated temperature

• Case history—other external influences

• Typical uses of viscoelastics: An overview over the past decade

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The webcast is sponsored by Denso North America Inc., which has offices throughout the United States and Canada and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Winn & Coales International.

Denso tape was developed over 90 years ago for the long-lasting protection of buried steel pipelines against corrosion. Denso’s anticorrosion and sealing products have a proven track record of solving problems in all kinds of challenging environments worldwide, above or below ground and underwater. The company’s products and systems are backed by a team of qualified professionals who can provide technical support and on-site guidance.

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