CP Known Unknowns: The Impact of Stray Current, Tellurics

Tony da Costa. Photo courtesy of Mobiltex.

In the world of cathodic protection (CP) system management, operators of critical pipeline infrastructure have long been using systems and technologies to help establish ”known unknowns.“

Manual inspections, surveying techniques, and remote monitoring are just some of the systems that can help create a baseline of data on ”known” events and influences. However, CP is also affected by ”known unknowns.”

In this webcast, which is sponsored by MOBILTEX (Calgary, Alberta, Canada), attendees will learn:

• Recently updated CP regulations;

• The unknowns that affect CP surveys and regulatory readings;

• Best Practice 1: Interrupted surveys and clean waveforms;

• Best Practice 2: Adjusting for tellurics with parallel data logging;

• New and evolving technology solutions that are available.

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