Innovative Stone-Based Insulation for Enhanced Water and Fire Protection

Water and fire. The ancient Greeks considered them two of the fundamental elements of matter; at the modern industrial plant, however, they bring unwelcome risks and challenges.

Stone Wool Insulation Advances Improve Water Repellency to Stay Ahead of CUI

The next-generation ProRox® Mat (Wrap) MA 960 with WR-Tech™ provides superior thermal and acoustic insulation performance and CUI protection for large-diameter pipework, vessels, columns, and other plant applications requiring design flexibility.

ROCKWOOL Introduces ProRox Mat (Wrap) Insulation with WR-Tech Water Repellant Technology

ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation, a subsidiary of the international ROCKWOOL Group, is the worldwide market leader in technical insulation for the process industry as well as marine & offshore.

Stone Wool Insulation: Corrosion and Fire Protection In One Proven Package

Fire and water are two major processing risks that threaten the safe operation, reliability, and economics of piping systems in many industrial plants.

ProRox Mat (Wrap) Insulation Optimizes Plant Maintenance Costs by Keeping Corrosion Under Control

Corrosion under insulation (CUI) is a pervasive challenge in many insulated plant processes, thanks to the ingress of water through the insulation and onto the metal surfaces of steel pipes, vessels, columns, and other plant equipment.