Remain in Compliance with the PCS Compliance Ecosystem

Photo Courtesy of American Innovations

Due to transforming regulatory requirements, such as the PHMSA Mega Rule, navigating compliance requirements for your corrosion control program in 2023 can be challenging for pipeline operators. To determine the future of your organization's compliance status under the U.S. Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA), there are three questions to ask:

  • Are you prepared for PHMSA Mega Rule?

As of May 2023, all three parts of the PHMSA Mega Rule are now in full effect. Need a summary? Read more about the Mega Rule here.

  • Is your corrosion management team ready with the tools to collect critical compliance data?

Understanding whether you comply with your corrosion program can be challenging without the right tools. By leveraging the right suite of products that seamlessly integrate compliance scheduling, optimized field data collection, and automated delinquency and exception reporting, you can minimize risk when audit time comes.

  • Do you utilize tools to eliminate human error and reduce rework in prep for an audit?

Nobody likes to resubmit reports or search through a file cabinet to find their compliance data, especially when under an audit. Getting your data right the first time in an automated, digital format is ideal and eliminates rework.

Keep your corrosion management system compliant with the American Innovations Pipeline Compliance Ecosystem, the PCS Ecosystem.

What is the PCS Ecosystem?

The American Innovations PCS Ecosystem utilizes three comprehensive, end-to-end corrosion control solutions to build the ultimate wireless compliance tool for Oil and Gas operators:

  • Pipeline Compliance Software (PCS) – The backbone of your pipeline compliance ecosystem. Featuring seven optional modules with integrated PHMSA and DOT (Department of Transportation) regulatory reporting templates. Whether it’s cathodic protection, atmospheric corrosion, internal corrosion, or managing your ECDA (external corrosion direct assessment) data, PCS automates your data collection, generates comprehensive delinquency and exception reports, and can integrate with all your third-party systems for a complete corrosion control suite that does it all. 

  • PCS Survey Manager – This powerful tool is the visualization and analysis extension to PCS. With integrated satellite map views and overlay functionality, operators can overlay multiple surveys and quickly identify potential problems and trends, correct and verify their field survey data, and collaborate with team members to ensure their data is correct, all from a SOC 2 accredited cloud-based application accessible from any device with an internet browser.

  • PCS Field Data Collector – The software optimized for easy collection of compliance data your organization needs. Running on Android and iOS, with Windows compatibility on the horizon, use any device to gather your required survey data and wirelessly transfer it to your pipeline database. Together, these tools are optimized to save your organization time and money while inspiring confidence in your compliance system, all in one easy-to-use solution.

How the PCS Compliance Ecosystem Keeps You in Compliance

  • How does the PCS Ecosystem prepare your organization for the PHMSA Mega Rule?

When it comes to ensuring you check the box when audit time hits, nothing makes it easier than having a complete system that enables you to quickly and easily ensure that all your pipeline assets comply with current regulations. PCS features built-in PHMSA and DOT compliance criteria and automatically flags inspection readings that do not meet regulations. Combined with a seamless way to collect field survey data integrated with compliance schedules, you can have confidence in your corrosion control program.

  • Is your Corrosion Management Team ready with the Tools to Collect Critical Compliance Data?

After leveraging PCS to build your survey routes based off an intelligent compliance scheduling engine compliant with PHMSA and DOT inspection frequencies, take advantage of PCS Survey Manager to optimize surveys with a map-based view before sending them to the field wirelessly. Once in the field, use the PCS Field Data Collector app along with the DVM 2130 (link to the DVM) to get the correct readings and inspections at the right location every time. Using these tools, your corrosion management team can stay connected and collect the correct compliance data the first time.

  • How can the PCS Ecosystem aid in eliminating human error and reducing rework in prep for an Audit?

The PCS Ecosystem features built-in reports with PHMSA and DOT compliance criteria and allows operators to specify additional protection criteria if desired—tailoring your compliance data from the start. The DVM 2130 ensures your field readings are correct during the initial survey, eliminating the need to re-survey to validate readings and reducing human error by automatically attaching the DVM reading to an inspection during a survey. All this compliance data remains available in PCS—allowing your organization to have the right data at your fingertips during an audit.

Take advantage of the PCS Ecosystem and get compliant today.