Coatings Company Absorbs Anticorrosion Firm

Anticorrosion coatings manufacturer Oxifree Metal Protection (Oxifree) (Surrey, United Kingdom) announced last month that it had been acquired by coating solutions company Seal For Life (SFL) (Stadskanaal, The Netherlands).

According to Oxifree, its acquision by SFL broadens the latter company’s portfolio of protecting coating technologies and expands its range of applications. SFL provides maintenance and repair solutions for a variety of industries, including water, wastewater, oil, power generation, and petrochemical infrastructure. A global company with a broad range of high-performance coating, sealing, insulation, and corrosion prevention technologies, SFL has operations in The Netherlands, Belgium, India, Mexico, and the United States.

As for Oxifree, it offers anticorrosion solutions for a variety of industrial markets. Its signature product, TM198, is a thermoplastic coating for the protection of metallic assets in various environments, including hazardous ones.

“We believe Oxifree products and services will be a perfect fit within the SFL Group, and a great addition to their asset integrity solutions line up,” says Oxifree President Ed Hall. “We, along with SFL and [parent company] Arsenal are very excited for what this next phase of the business will bring. Importantly we remain committed to our partners and clients, and look forward to contributing these relationships with the added benefit of the resources of SFL to support.”

“Oxifree brings a successful and complimentary range of asset protection solutions to our existing and expanding portfolio of products,” adds SFL President Dirk Totte. “This is an exciting time for SFL and we look forward to working together to provide a one-stop solution to our customers.”

Source: Oxifree,