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Modeling Corrosion Resistance of Reinforced Concrete Structures

The total present cost and lifecycle cost show that galvanized steel rebar provides the most cost-effective protection for reinforced bridge decks with a 100-year service life.

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Reliable Corrosion Measurements via Electrochemistry

Over the past three decades, several methods have been introduced to measure and monitor corrosion. While many of these traditional methods, such as weight loss or spray test analysis, are quick and cost-effective, they can only offer a qualitative overview of the process.

U.S. Navy Studies Laser Ablation for Surface Prep on Ships

According to Navy officials, laser ablation can remove paint and other coatings from the surfaces of ships via a process that is faster, safer, and less expensive than conventional methods.

Superhydrophobic Coating Developed for Offshore Drilling Pipes

Materials scientists at the U.S. Southwest Research Institute have developed a new superhydrophobic coating and a process for applying it to the internal surface of long tubular structures, which helps prevent offshore drilling pipes from being clogged by various substances.

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