U.S. Water Group Launches New Digital Platform for Treatment

The new Lumyn digital platform is designed to unify treatment applications with proactive water system management. Image courtesy of U.S. Water.

Integrated water solutions company U.S. Water (St. Michael, Minnesota, USA) announced the launch of Lumyn, a unique digital platform designed to unify treatment applications with intuitive and proactive water system management.

According to the company, the platform is designed to put actionable information in the hands of the appropriate people at the right time, and in the desired form. Users can visualize system performance and anticipate and address issues before they become failures that jeopardize asset integrity, production, or efficiency. Deep and indistinct insights into opportunities for operational improvements will also be illuminated within the system, the company explains.

The Lumyn platform’s foundation is built on leveraging a rich and expanded data set. The on-board sensor suite utilizes sensing technologies with digitally enhanced capabilities that provide new information for diagnostics, system reliability, and performance. Combined with a control system that conditionally logs and monitors complete scenarios occurring in the control ecosystem, the expanded data set provides a foundation for intelligent water management technology.

Aligning with recent trends and developments in industrial Internet of Things (IoT) technology, U.S. Water says Lumyn’s accessibility and interface is managed at the “edge,” allowing the local control device to focus on its true function. Data received from the local edge control device is processed for both acute and longer-term developing conditions, with users notified of situations requiring attention.

“We are very excited to bring this innovative technology to the marketplace,” says Kevin Milici, the company’s vice president of marketing and technology. “Lumyn’s unique use of cloud-based technology to interface with edge equipment creates a new basis for collaboration among our customers, and their U.S. Water representative, for data-driven decisions and operational improvements.”

According to the company, the platform was designed to be quick to deliver, easy to install, and intuitive to use. Currently available for cooling and boiling applications, Lumyn will support an expanding range of applications. 

Source: U.S. Water Services, Inc., www.uswaterservices.com.