Corrosion Prevention Manufacturer Releases New Protective Tapes

Modular protection with PALIMEX-880/-855. Photo courtesy of DENSO Group Germany.

DENSO Group Germany (Leverkusen, Germany) has expanded its line of corrosion prevention products with new co-extruded PALIMEX protective and ventilation tapes. These tapes provide durable, permanent protection for cast-iron pipelines, buried steel, and station construction, as well as seal ventilation pipes within complex ventilation systems.

Due to the tape’s flexible, modular structure, users can apply tapes of varying dimensions and thicknesses. The tape’s flexibility enables it to be custom fitted to both straight pipe sections, along with pipe bends or moulded parts. Tapes can also be combined to offer electrical insulation for building projects, or for bundling and bonding purposes. 

Whether they are used individually or combined as a tape system, PALIMEX tapes can absorb high mechanical loads and resist corrosive media resulting from a wide range of applications. They can also serve as a permanent protection solution for pipes operating at temperatures as high as 85 °C (185 °F). Moreover, certain tape models deliver unique forms of protection: for instance, PALIMEX-880 forms a strong, impact-resistant pipe coating, while PALIMEX-855 protects against diffusion attacks caused by water vapor and oxygen.

Source: DENSO Group Germany,