Advance Registration Open for Pipeline Coatings Technology Conference

Photo courtesy of NACE International

NACE International is now offering advance registration rates for its next Pipeline Coatings Technology Conference, to be held from January 15-17, 2019, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

According to NACE, Middle Eastern countries have complex and extensive pipeline networks. With the combination of high humidity and high temperatures, this makes it crucial to apply corrosion-resistant coatings in a consistent manner to promote quality in pipelines.

In consideration of this, NACE is bringing the Pipeline Coatings Technology Conference to the Middle East after the success of this conference in the United States. The event aims to help attendees to discover the latest products and services in pipeline coatings, all while making connections with industry peers from the Middle East.

With more than 150 attendees expected, the conference is described as ideal for oil, gas, and pipeline companies that operate in the Middle East and the coating contractors that help protect their assets. Attendees have opportunities to learn the most effective techniques to minimize the corrosion effects and coating failures in pipeline systems.

In all, 24 technical presentations from industry experts are scheduled for the event. Topics include “Long-Lasting Repairs in Salt Flat Environments,” “Quality Control of Pipeline Coatings and the Help of International Standards,” and “Comparing Coating Performance in Seawater.”

By sharing expertise at the conference, presenters can be recognized as industry leaders in the Middle East while helping new coating professionals improve their knowledge.

The deadline for advance registration—which can save $75 for attendees—is December 4, 2018.

Source: NACE Pipeline Coatings Technology Conference,