Protective Coating Enhanced to Increase Performance

Containment area treated with Belzona 4311 coating. Photo courtesy of Belzona.

Belzona (Harrogate, United Kingdom) reformulated its longstanding Belzona 4311 that enhances the performance of the chemical-resistant coating and its application to secondary containment areas and other industrial environments. This solvent-free coating is a two-part epoxy that protects concrete and metal surfaces from various forms of chemical attack.

Richard Collett, Belzona’s chief R&D chemist, explains that the company’s primary goal is to offer the protective coating in sprayable form, and its secondary goal to reduce amine bloom so that the coating would be primed for up to 24 hours. As a result, “large secondary containment areas can be protected more efficiently and economically,” he says.

In addition, the coating’s ultraviolet resistance has been improved while retaining its ability to protect the asset from chemical attack. Moreover, coating thickness is maintained even after exposure to harsh chemicals, such as sulfuric acid (H₂SO₄) and hydrochloric acid (HCl), or extreme weather conditions.

The reformulated coating is easy to mix with no specialist tools required. It can either be sprayed over large areas or hand-applied for detailed work. Also easing application of the coating is its enhanced overcoat window.

Source: Belzona,