Carboline Launches CarboNext Initiative for Young Corrosion Professionals

As part of a continued effort to serve the corrosion industry, coatings manufacturer Carboline (St. Louis, Missouri, USA) recently introduced its new CarboNext program.

According to the company, this program aims to educate, connect, support, and engage with the next generation of engineers and professionals. CarboNext’s core audience includes corrosion professionals of age 40 and under who are engineers, specifiers, inspectors, project managers, operators, or anyone who desires to learn more about coatings and corrosion.

“Carboline recognizes the changeover happening in the industry with young professionals taking on more decision-making roles,” explains Melissa Molitor, vice president of marketing. “We want to educate and provide resources for this next generation of leaders.”

Through outreach and networking opportunities, Carboline says it strives to be an organization that provides resources to those who look to further their knowledge of corrosion and protective coatings. In addition to training and education, the CarboNext program will include technical events and community support projects.

“I can attribute much of my overall growth in my career to those people who took the time to mentor me,” says Brian Cheshire, market manager for water and wastewater at Carboline and a CarboNext organizer. “I remain thankful for the organizations that provided great training resources to me as I progressed in my career. We hope that CarboNext can aid others in their career growth and overall knowledge progression as it relates to coatings and corrosion.”

For more information on the program, visit the company’s CarboNext web page.

Source: Carboline,