6K Additive Acquires Specialty Metallurgical Products

6K Additive has acquired Specialty Metallurgical Products (SMP) to increase its Metal Alloys offering. Image courtesy of 6K Additive.

In an emailed press release, 6K Additive (New Cumberland, West Virginia, USA) announced that it has acquired Specialty Metallurgical Products (SMP) (Red Lion, Pennsylvania, USA). 6K Additive is a division of 6K, a leading producer of sustainable advanced materials for energy storage, additive manufacturing powders, and metal alloying additives, while SMP specializes in titanium and zirconium tablets used as a grain refinery for the metal alloys market. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

According to 6K Additive, the acquisition augments its existing line of Ty-Gem compacts used in similar applications and markets. The new product enables 6K Additive to expand commercial relationships into both new and existing companies for titanium customers, while developing new applications and customers for zirconium additives. The acquisition further solidifies 6K Additive as the premier supplier of metal alloying additives to primary and secondary aluminum producers worldwide, says the company.

“We have over 20 years of experience supplying our Ty-Gem grain refining products to the aluminum industry,” says Frank Roberts, president of 6K Additive. “Adding SMP’s titanium products to our portfolio will complement our existing offering while enhancing our expertise in the process. The acquisition will also add an entire new product line to our current portfolio in zirconium tablets. The quality products SMP brings to 6K Additive enables us to go broader and deeper with our customers providing a quality, sustainable alloying solution no other company in the world can offer.”

“We have a long history of supplying the top end of titanium additives to the industry and have established SMP as the leading supplier of zirconium,” says Jim Clark, former president of SMP and now strategic advisor of 6K Additive. “Becoming part of the 6K Additive team ensures our customers are provided with the same quality product, but backed by a larger organization that has the logistics and operational infrastructure to support our rapid growth.”

6K Additive employs proprietary technology to recycle titanium scrap from machining operations into essential inputs for metal alloys. 6K Additive has over 20 years of experience supplying Ty-Gem compacts to the aluminum industry with the capability of processing over three million pounds of titanium scrap for primary and secondary aluminum producers worldwide.

6K Additive is also the premium supplier for 3D printing metal powder that is produced from sustainable sources, targeting the commercial aerospace, medical, and industrial sectors. Following the commissioning of its 45-acre powder production operations in 2020, 6K will now expand production with an additional 600 tons produced annually for sales and distribution in Europe and Asia.