WAE, Molicel Collaborate on Current, Next-Gen Battery Cells

Williams Advanced Engineering (WAE) and Molicel have signed a strategic collaboration designed to support the current and next generation of power-optimized battery cells. Photo courtesy of WAE.

Williams Advanced Engineering (WAE) (Oxford, England) and E-One Moli Energy, dba Molicel (Taipei, Taiwan) have agreed to a strategic collaboration designed to support the current and next-generation of high-performance lithium-ion power battery cells. This collaboration joins Molicel’s power-optimized technology and WAE’s advanced system design and control systems knowledge to deliver a shared vision of high-performance battery systems that are optimized for power, while also delivering energy density across a number of industries.

During the last 40 years, Molicel has accumulated extensive expertise in chemical research and manufacturing engineering, as well as database design and validation methodologies.

Through its collaboration with WAE, the companies will assess and develop technology to support demonstration activities aimed at growing market awareness.

“We are committed to the engineering challenge of cell technology development and in conjunction with Molicel, believe we can address a number of opportunities across a wide range of applications,” says Paul McNamara, technical director for WAE.

“Molicel is on a mission to produce outstanding cells to drive the electric evolution,” added Casey Shiue, president of Molicel. “We will bring our expertise and experiences on consistent high power, low impedance and fast charge to our collaboration with WAE. Our technology is well suited to the arenas that WAE operates and we are happy to be part of this exciting collaboration.”

Source: Williams Advanced Engineering, https://wae.com.