Webcast: Benefits of Viscoelastic, Self-Healing, Fully Amorphous Coatings

Viscoelastic coatings have been successfully used over the past two decades to solve corrosion issues in various circumstances. Highly aggressive soils, such as the Subkha soil in the U.S. Gulf Coast area, require excellent performance from a coating.

In this presentation, the relation between the intrinsic properties of a viscoelastic coating and its performance under these circumstances is explained from lab to field.

During the August 12 webcast, which is presented by Denso North America’s Edwin Welles (vice president of viscoelastics), attendees will learn:

  • What viscoelastic coatings are;
  • Unique behaviors of viscoelastic coatings;
  • Case history—Subkah soil: High salt and sulfur content, elevated temperatures;
  • Case history—other external influences;
  • Typical uses of viscoelastics: An overview over the past decade.

Interested attendees can register for the webcast here.

Source: Denso North America, www.densona.com.